Editer et diffuser «Le Nénuphar »

An illustrated book for those who encounter a cancer. To put in words and drawings. To explain, tame and even laugh !

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Editer et diffuser «Le Nénuphar »

Le Nénuphar means Lilywater.


It is an illustrated book for those who have to drive along with a cancer.

Because, some day it happens to you: you, your mother or a friend encounters a cancer... Boum ! That's it, you are embarked on a bumby and frightening road, full of mysteries and anxiety.


Because I have traveled that road, I know you need some light and comfort on the way.

This book wants to be something warm and sweet and funny on this road.

There are words (so far only in French - but if you know some good translator, maybe one day in English) to make sense and facilitate. They are drawings to smile and relax.


My ambition is pretty straigthforward: that this book be availabe to the more people concerned. Should it be in hospitals or in your homes.


In the book I retrace the major moments of this travel, starting with the discovery of the cancer until it is over (if one can ever says so ;-).


I offer drawings to take disctance, relax and smile.

I offer texts to explain, clarify and testify.





PIf you want to see more content, go on my website (available only in French) : Le Nénuphar



Where does this roject come from?


When I was 22, I met a cancer tumor and was embarked on a crazy and bumby road.

At that time I wrote. After also. Then I started drawing because it is my way of looking at the world (though it is not my job!). Texts anddrawings started chit-chating and that's how the Nénuphar was born.


For the past 9 years, I have been working on this project. Now I need your help to share it with people it might help !

Waar dient de collecte voor

How will I use the money?

Certainly not for profts!


I simply want to share this book with the people it can help, who have somehow met a cancer at some point. I dream it will available in your homes and in your hospitals.


That's why I need your help.


With 4000 €, I can finish the book and get it printed for you, my dear readers and contributors but also for marketing purposes...


Beyond this, I want to make this book available in every single medical services dealing with cancer in France. The money I will collect will help me find partnerships and finance the editing myself.

If this iis also your dream, let's not stop there!


More money means more Nénuphars outside to help more people !






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