Half-theater and half-concert, Ego is a creation with theater texts, punk music, girls and lightning poetry...

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EGO THEATRE - CONCERT is a music-theater play I'm creating for the final exam of my directing / stage design studies. 

The rule is to prepare a 60mn project in front of 120 pers on a huge stage... !

The challenge is when you get to know you'll have to cast actors, musicians, build stage design, ... without any kind of budget. You need a lot of friends, that's true!


Waar dient de collecte voor

No personal profit.


The raising funds will help in covering the costs of transport fees. Indeed, actors and musicians have to travel a lot to practice courses, as well as for the final show.


The rental fees for the studio where we practice should be covered as well.


If we reach the level I mentioned, the funds will cover some of the stage design costs I already invested just for that purpose.



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A big hug

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A big hug AND the best seats to watch the show.

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A big hug AND the best seats to watch the show AND the whole story of the making-of told by the artist in the pub.
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All what you get earlier AND a DVD of the show and you name in the credits.
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All what you get earlier AND Compact Disc records of the rock band playing in the show.
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All what I told before AND my involvment in any way in some of your projects, anykind.
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Toutes les contreparties précédentes ET une cérémonie d'échange de sang qui scelle pour l'éternité notre fraternelle amitié et collaboration artistique.

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