Enregistrement d’un CD / CD Recording

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Enregistrement d’un CD / CD Recording

‘Firas moved us by the depth, lyricism, the power and the diversity of colours of the way he plays’  


This was a comment by Stéphane Spira, the artistic director of the musical Festival Spiriades Sur Seine, where I played a recital this summer. (http://www.spiriades.com/index.php)


The festival invited the public to vote for their preferred pianist through the internet.


The winner of the vote was offered a recording of a CD.


Thanks to you, I won the vote and therefore will record my first CD.


The sound engineering was offered by the Musique Avenirs label whose mission is to help young talents. (http://www.musiqueavenirs.com)


For my part, I have to find the funds to cover the costs of engraving CDs (see below details of expenditure)






Waar dient de collecte voor

Why do I need you


I want to continue to share my art. This is my first CD and I am hoping that it will help me to become known. I hope the public continues to travel with me to the beautiful destinations imagined by great classical composers. 


I created this crowdfunding to allow this project to succeed.





Here are the details of the expenditure :


To achieve this project, I have to collect a sum of 2000 € through this crowdfunding (Thanks to you!)


The costs will be distributed as follows:

1. engraving of discs.

2. photography (CD cover).

3. design (interior presentation brochure).

4. artistic director.

5. Travel and stay in Aubagne, where the recording company is located.





What if the collection exceeds the amount requested:






The CD program 


3 B: Bach, Beethoven and Brahms


I had the idea to record these composers because each has learned from the former, while setting his own musical language.

Bach was played by Beethoven and Brahms. Brahms did the same with Beethoven. Yet each has developed a variety of colours and feelings that move us in a very personal way.


I've prepared a surprise ... I will reserve a composition just for you!

While playing the 3 B, I decided to add a fourth ... that of Barbar!

See you very soon !



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