Isabelle Marx, singer, Danielle Bertotto video-artist, Frédéric Apffel soundman build together a performance around VOICES and VIEWS

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Three artists confront their fields of expression, VOICES and VIEWS to create a "place", a "moment" of meeting. The public is invited to walk a path through the different emotional spaces created by different vocal performances and visual environments.  


The proposed route features VOICES and VIEWS with the goal of inviting the public to spend time listening to their own perceptions and retreat from their day to day existence to get to the heart of their inner emotional life.   The goal of the parcours is to let the public to experience their own intimacy as they experience what they can hear and what they can see, to confront them with shifts in perception proposed to uncover stereotypes, cultural codes associated with sound and image, to amuse by triggering laughter or sadness, to allow a greater state of awareness to grow.  


The parcours will be a moment to share, a sensitive journey woven between VOICES and VIEWS, a time dedicated to "making useful work" of our humanity explored in this way. After the event, the public will be invited to express what they felt either by drawing, singing, writing or gestures. These testimonials will be recorded, creating material for artistic research and a later shared trace of the event.  



Here are some pictures of the project:








and you can listen to some extracts of the vocal work


Ecouter des extraits sur SoundCloud




The Artists


Isabelle Marx 


my approach 



I am passionate about the voice, its functioning and its relationship to our emotions, to our being : How does the voice actually communicate ? What vocal works can I create, like a painter, from my vocal palette ?   And how do I share the fruits of my research and creations with an audience? This is an important question for me because as a singer and actress I often find myself in a frontal stage setup : I'm on stage and the audience is facing me. Today I am trying to develop other ways to encounter the public. This wish has led to the idea of a voice path which puts the public in the middle of an installation making them both actor and creator of their own story with the voices I let them hear. The creative process is woven into the space between audience and artists. How can we get the public to react emotionally ? And then to be made aware of what they feel and then feel on the same wavelength with me ? I want to invite the audience to reclaim their creative role, to create their own story from what they hear and see. They becomes active, not passive, actor rather than consumer. This is the challenge of the project.



Danielle Bertotto 


BERTOTTO Danielle - Video-artist






Frédéric APFFEL

Sound diffusion and spatialisation



Waar dient de collecte voor

Half of the sum is for the artists' wages and the other half to purchase technical equipment essential to the show.


Decorative accessories: 500 €

Equipment: 1000 €

Video equipment (screen, video projectors): 1000 €

Paying the artists for some of the hours: 2000 € (we already have some of the equipment and the necessary funds for the first two weeks of rehearsals).  


If you want to help us with video equipment, you will find a complete list of our needs on




Thank you for your support in any form whatsoever (€, equipment, encouragement, information spreading the word !!)

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