Entrez dans l'univers du groupe "Two Old Vagabond Shoes"

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Lumento ondersteunt het project: Entrez dans l'univers du groupe "Two Old Vagabond Shoes"ZIMBALAM ondersteunt het project: Entrez dans l'univers du groupe "Two Old Vagabond Shoes"

Entrez dans l'univers du groupe "Two Old Vagabond Shoes"

Two Old Vagabond Shoes is a folk-rock band

Although it can be said that there are some western influences, it would be more just to say they have a style of their own.


"We are all, to a certain extent, the product of experiences and influences. That's a fact that we willingly embrace. Our only goal is to surprise ourselves."

And if their partners have indeed had an influence on the two members of this group, each work remains natural and not premeditated.





The album


We are rigorous in our efforts to maintain the authenticity of each one of our songs. We've scrutinized each one; asking ourselves "Where does each song want to go ? Away from our ego and without thinking about any technique."


In order to be fuelled by intuition, each song has been composed in no more than a day's time.

This is at times difficult but helps keep them "in the zone" and the creative juices flowing.








The shows


This is an experience that emulates the "experience" Two Old Vagabond Shoes wants to convey to their audience.

They are currently working on improving their stage presence.


« All too often, concerts lack life and authenticity. We would like to change that. »






The musicians


Two Old Vagabond Shoes was started by Maxime and Sebastien when they started writing music together.

Next came Ombline, Christophe and Thibaud, each bringing their ideas to the table. They are now integral members of the group


Alain Cluzeau, producer of such French artists as HF Thiefaine and Bertrand Belin, is orchestrating anew a fresh and unique blend of musical expression with Two Old Vagabond Shoes. With such a renound producer at the helm of the new album's recording, the group is getting better with time.


Waar dient de collecte voor

This campaign intends to finance the recording of this album as well as its flourishing in today's musical domain.

As such, we are collaborating with a PR manager and a promoter pending the release of the album.




Recording studio                                        ------------------------------ 3 200 euros

Public relations manager                           ------------------------------ 1 000 euros

Gifts to thanks the Kissbankers                ------------------------------    400 euros


KissKissBankBank commission (8%)       ------------------------------    400 euros



TOTAL                                                                                                     5 000 euros


Should we exceed our goal thanks to your generous donations, the surplus will help finance :


*** SDRM fees                             -----------------------------------------    500 euros

*** Mastering                                ---------------------------------------- 1 000 euros




YOU CAN ALSO DONATE BY CHEQUE (must be endorsable in France) :


Maxime Tisné-Versailles                                                       Payable to

2 rue Erard, 75012 PARIS                                       Maxime Tisné-Versailles




If you want to get in contact with us, feel free! Here's our address:






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