EP "Stuck On 11" de Late Monkeys en avant première!!!

Support the release of Late Monkeys' new EP "Stuck On 11" and get it before its official release with loads of Goodies!

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EP "Stuck On 11" de Late Monkeys en avant première!!!

Late Monkeys is back with a new E.P.!


These last few months have been spent composing, practicing, arranging, rejecting, rewriting… and with the help of Fabien Guillotteau from the Nomad Audio studio (Step In Fluid, Colors In The Street, Da Flex, Archideep And The Monkeyshakers…), we have successfully recorded four HUGE sounding new tracks! We have the sound, the artwork is underway… It’s all moving forwards!


And that’s where you step in: We need your help to complete this project.




So, who exactly am I helping out, might you ask?


Late Monkeys is a Groovy, Stoner and Hip Hop mixture with a huge triple coating of Rock and Roll! The experiences and influences of four musicians having spent the best part of fifteen years on stage.


Patrick Twomey




A half French half English thirty or so singer and guitarist, raised in rock and roll, using his hip hop influences for incisive sounding lyrics. He played in the Funk Band The Line Up alongside Dyanick for five years before the two of them decided to create Late Monkeys. He is also second guitarist and keyboards for Da Flex.


Dyanick Tiberghien 




Incredibly prolific guitarist, Dyanick has been playing in very diverse bands, giving his own personal touch to such styles as Metal (Insane System), Folk (Idle Fingers), Hard Blues (Da Flex), Reggae (Happy Culture) or Funk (The Line Up).


Caryl Marolleau




Clockwork. Not yet 25 and Caryl is already playing his drums all over France with bands such as Oniz, Oroborus, Wap Do Wap, la Fanfare Gonzo, Psicodélico, Maguy and many others. He's a musician, sound guy, records... the man never sleeps!


Florian Richard




Late Monkeys' latest recruit. Look past the lumberjack bass player look, you'll find a proper mad scientist! Da Flex's head guy, Guerrilla Fresca's Guitarist... We're definitely lucky to have his skill set around!!!


Since the band's beginning in 2012, we have release two E.P.s: Try me (2012) and Hangover (2014), both completely independently made. We have also shot a music video for the song "Try Me" with the help of MC Monin.


"Try Me" Music video, 2012


   Hangover E.P. 2014  


  E.P. Try Me (2012)    

  It's time for us to kick it up a notch!!!




Waar dient de collecte voor

The absolute minimum for us to complete this project is 4000€ for:


- recording, mixing and mastering:1820€

- artworks (cd cover, posters, stickers…): 1170€, 

- Pressing 500 cds, reproduction tax and online platforms: 1010€


We have elected to set our first kisskiss objective at 2800€.

What if we exceed, may you ask? Perfect. The closer we get to the 4000 mark, the faster we get to start funding and therefore shooting our next music video!


But first things first: we’d like to send you a digital version of “Stuck on 11” weeks before it’s official release regardless of the amount you’re willing to contribute. We also have a few goodies to throw in.


Thank you all in advance for your support!



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