EPEE by Jardin

"You want to die at war! I'll be dying at peace!" EPEE will be jardin's third album and will be put into images by artist Patrick Weldé.

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EPEE by Jardin



Hi everyone! I’m Leny Bernay, I am a multimedia artist and since 2012 I have been developing an electronic music solo project called Jardin (that’s French for garden). In this project I sing, I shout, cry, I make analog dance music, poetic and political music.




After releasing a string of works including a self-produced CD, a few cassette tapes, a USB flash-disk and 2 LPs on post punk label Le Turc Mécanique, I’m prepping a third album with this same label: EPEE (That’s French for sword this time).




EPEE finds its roots in my RnB, Rap, Industrial techno and Sci-Fi influences. In this record I want to lay a Queer, humanistic and social gaze on our tech infused reality and on our over urbanised and policed world. The 9 tracks on this record will also be the basis for a collaboration with photograph and artist Patrick Weldé who will shoot the integrity of the record.


Weldé’s work is often set in rural surroundings. Ghostly heroes on set seem to be fleeing a fallen city, their masks and the rags and plastics clothing they wear hide their genres. They appear in confrontation to an animal presence or children’s looks.








Thanks to hand in hand work with the Kultural Workers studio, a print publication will accompany this record. I want to build a scenic incarnation to this visual matter with other artists and technicians where live video projection and set design will transform a live set into a performative installation. I hope to present this body of work as an exhibition at the end of a residency.


To put in bluntly, EPEE is TOTAL ART project. This is why I need your help and your eternal support. In this end of year festive time, my entire record stock is for you to get! Also prepping you a cheeky video gift to watch by the chimney. BE WARRY!!! It’ll be warm, hot even, and will be the opportunity for you to discover the title track of the Project (here are a few snaps below, for teasing purposes) <3



Few links > The Word, TissueNext Libération, I-D, Trax Mag

Artists involved : Patrick Weldé, EveLPDLS, Summer Satana, Vanessa Pinto, Lucien Valle, Martin Deck-Roussel, François Quillacq, Guillaume Hery, Tiphaine Larrosa, Around Function, Sex Body Ache, Benjamin Navet, Yassin Serghini...







Gardur x Ixzo - On est pas tout seul (Jardin RMX)




NEW VIDEO !!! 19.12.2017

Please share it <3



NEW VIDEO - IT'S D-5 !!! HAPPY 2K18+ !!!

Waar dient de collecte voor

I’m calling for your support because I want EPEE to live up to its full potential: an hybrid and total project. This is a scheme much bigger than a sole record and furthermore won’t fit in any state funding, which let it be known that neither me nor my label have ever asked for. It just feels more organic to be responsible about our ambition. All the more since the core will here is to make our world “move”.


BUDGET as follows:

€500 > Mixing 

€2000 > Limited print edition of Patrick Weldé’s photos

€1500 > Production budget for Patrick Weldé’s 9 videos

€2000 > Production budget for live show

€1300 > Production budget for our residency to work on the live and present this work with an closing exhibition


As an independent artist, I will gather these funds, they will be entirely used in the production as detailed above. Everyone involved is benevolent in this endeavour. Should your support exceed our objective, it will only strengthen the quality of everything we will produce: better quality for the print output, more copies, a even richer event at the end of the residency! THIS IS 6 MONTHS WORTH OF CREATIVE WORK FOR LESS THAN A BITCOIN( €8933 on 12.1)



February 2018 > Video and photo shoot with Patrick Weldé

March 2018 > Video Edition and Print edition production

April 2018 >  Record Mixing - production and pressing

Mai 2018 > Record release, relay party - 1 scenic residency

July 2018 > 2nd leg of the scenic residency - exhibition/installation 

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