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Eric LaValette Band 3e album

The Eric LaVALETTE Band was created in August 2004, the group opened the Ségoufielle Rock & Blues Festival preceding Joan Shaw Taylor and played its electric Blues. Later on, the band played also with Little Bob, Jean-Jacques Milteau, David Evans, Dr Feelgood, Joanne Shaw Taylor, Big Ed Sullivan, The Pretty Things and Johnny Winter.


Le Bikini Toulouse 2011


After their first CD "No Land 's Man" in 2007 , the band won an award at the "Blues sur Seine" contest.  in 2013, "Delenda Carthago"  was praised by the Blues press and designated as album of the year by some. Time has come to complete this decade with a new album.



CD "Delenda Carthago" Blues Magazine n° 71


This record affirms it continuity of the previous albums playing the music we would like to hear, with no restriction of genre or musical style, although Blues and Rock'n'roll remain the major ingredients of our music.



Le Bascala ELB & Johnny Winter 2013


Our two previous CDs have allowed us to participate in numerous festivals all over France, sharing the stage with legends like Johnny Winter, Little Bob, The Pretty Things, Dr Feelgood, Mighty Mo Rodgers or JJ Milteau.



This third CD with a dozen original titles will be our new reference to convince programmers and head for new projects and dedicated to our audiences, who have encouraged us during our twelve-year career without the support of any record company or distributor.



Jazz sur son 31 2015


from left to right : Greg LAMAZERES (harmonica, vocals), Jérémy CAZORLA (drums, vocals), Eric LaVALETTE (guitars, lead vocals), Jeff CAZORLA (bass, vocals)



Jazz & Blues Léognan 2015 ELB & Mighty Mo Rodgers


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Lavaur 2015


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- 1400€ recording studio.

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Realisation schedule

Mat / June 2016 : recording of the 12 tracks in studio September / October 2016 : mixing, mastering, T.Shirts, posters and stickers printing October / November 2016 : CDs pressing November 2016 : official album release


Therefore we need your generous contributions to support this new album, into which, once again, we have put all our efforts!

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a personalized thank you with your name on our Web pages + the new album in MP3 format + the new album autographed cd + 2 signed posters + 5 collector stickers + the "Delenda Carthago" album in MP3 format + the "No land's man" album in MP3 format + the signed collector 2007 "No land's man" poster + 1 collector T. Shirt + 1 personalized thank you video + your name on the new album cover + 2 VIP invitations for the realese party (soundcheck + housses access + diner with the band + backstage concert)
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Geschatte levering: november 2016

a personalized acknowledgment in your name on our Web pages + the new album in MP3 format + the new album as a signed CD + 2 signed posters + 5 collector stickers + the album "Delenda Carthago" in MP3 format + the album "No land's man" in MP3 format + a signed collector poster 2007 "No land's man" + 2 collector t-shirts + 1 personalized thank you video + your name on the cover of the new album + 2 invitations and VIP access with the group for the evening of the release of the album (access to sound checks + dressing rooms + dinner with the musicians + backstage concert) + 2h access to the studio during the mixing of the new album to discover before official release.
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