Étude des singes Vervet d'Afrique du Sud

Knowing better Vervet monkey to protect them better! Observing is better understanding and understanding is better protecting.

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Étude des singes Vervet d'Afrique du Sud

1601-louve-3-1485366782  I am Lauren, currently at an agronomy and biology Engineer School in Paris (named AgroParisTech). I’ve always been fond of biology and zoology (especially about monkeys). Since I was a child, I’ve dreamed of studying and observing wild monkeys behavior! When I’ve been offered to do this internship about studying Vervet monkeys in South Africa, it was obvious I had to do it.

I will do this internship, which aims at Studying Vervet monkeys’ social behavior, from 4th April to 1st August. It will take place at a South African reserve located in Limpopo: Mogalakwena River is a 1500 ha reserve. I’ll be working for a research center settled in the reserve. You can get more information on their website:




My study goal would be to know those monkeys better and to understand their natural behaviors by observing them in wild.





On the field


What’s interesting, but also hard, with this research is observation features: those mammals are partial nocturnal and very territorial (in very wide spaces). Thus, direct observing are quite hard. Getting information needs volunteers like me to study those fascinating animals.


At the camp

Part of my work will be to collect and analyze found data. This should help the research center to better understand local monkeys’ social behaviors.




  Art1-1485334885  Art2-1485334919


The artist me


 Drawer and plush-sewer since several years, I want to make this experience and art experience too. I would like to benefit from the wonderful landscapes and incredible animals to practice water-colored illustrations and photography. I’ll make some art book that I will offer to those who helped me with funding.

I’d like to make some Vervet monkey plushies to make the more known among my public (and I will give those plushies to my funders too of course). 



Waar dient de collecte voor

The research center interns are all volunteers. So I’ll pay or whole fees whereas this internship condition don’t allowed me to get a bourse from my school nor country. That’s why I’m asking for some financial help, every single dollar would be helpful!


Here are what fees I have:

- Visa fees: 50$

- Medical fees: 370$

- Travel: 1300$

- Housing: 1500$


Total goes to more than 3200$ (without feeding nor trekking material) and this funding aims at covering unplanned fees which will certainly be added to this huge total. I didn’t expect that much fees when signing for the internship, so I hope to get some help. All donations will be on my account (Laurène Fraysse).

I’ll very thankful to all donators ! Every single dollar will help me realize my dream !


If I get more than my funding aim, I'll make a video report of my internship for all my donators. Plus, I'll put my vervet monkey plush pattern for sale and give all benefits to a animal protection association !

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