New goal 10k – Join in on the EUROPA adventure and meet faces and places of Europe.

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Success ! After only 9 days of campaigning, we have reached our initial financing goal of 6000 Euros. Today we wish therefore to translate the film into multiple languages in order to widen its zone of impact and reach people beyond the limitation of borders. We will put together a sneak preview to which all of our donators are going to be invited. That is why we are counting on each and every one of you to reach 10.000 Euros. The adventure has only just begun. 


 EUROPA, the manifesto of a generation.


Europe is a geographic entity. A political construct. It is an opportunity. An issue. A utopia and a reality. Europe is a paradox. It channels the fears and hopes of millions of souls in a multilateral world where it becomes more and more difficult to grasp actual difference and define identity. By attempting to melt together the pasts and traditions of regions and nations, Europe has forgotten to exist for and by itself. To write its own tale and collectively be acknowledged through it.


We are generation Y. The self-taught, knowledge sharing, universalistic one. We are the generation that did not suffer collective major trauma, lacking for nothing if not for common sense. We have inherited Europe, paid for with blood and tears. The voices of Robert Schuman, Jean Monnet, Winston Chruchill, Paul-Henri Spaak, Konrad Adenauer and François Mitterand have gone quiet for a long time now. The visionaries have passed, leaving a mirage behind. Today, it is our turn to speak up, imagine, convince. We are ambassadors of a way of life, of shared values and culture.


In order for Europe to exist rather than merely breathe, it is less about understanding than it is about living it. We are launching project EUROPA so from a rational choice a passion may be born.  


In detail


EUROPA is an experimental film of 52 minutes, a voyage of initiation articulated around 10 chapters shot in 8 European countries. Attempting to strike a balance between visual poetry and road-trip documentary, we take off to meet the faces and places of Europe and grasp their beauty and complexity. Snapshots of pervasive truth supported by an original soundtrack, voices and travels – all of it to seduce minds and win over hearts.


The shooting


EUROPA will be shot over 36 days starting at the end of June 2016. The quest is going to start in France. Filmed in 4k, the 52 minutes long opus with be translated into multiple languages so it can simultaneously be shown across different countries in early 2017.






Yannis Mouhoun


 Yannis, 23 years, hidden love-child of Churchill & Lana Del Rey. We love him for his zeal, his mind, his sense for the aesthetic – despite the fact that he is beyond controlling. 


Jules Calcet


Jules, 22 years. Belgian once, but not twice. Having left the flatland with a bachelor's in political science, we love him for his humanity, his appreciation for theory and his multiple relations to the female sex. 






Our previous work


A short film dedicated to combativeness called The Fighters.





The shoot will be done with the material and human aid of agency 1 9 9 2



The media network MC supports the initiative. 





Spec. techniques


With the roadmap already decided on, we are going to reveal a new location every three days starting with the launch of the financing campaign. Local correspondents will welcome us at each location. 






January 2016: Definition and precision of the project.




February/March 2016:  Buying of material and fund-raising for a total of 6000 Euros.




April 2016:  Finishing touches on the budget via a crowd-funding campaign




May-June:  Logistical preparation of the shoot




End of June-July 2016: Shoot across 9 locations over 28 days




August 2016: Post production phase.




September-October 2016:  Preview showing




Early 2017: Official release of EUROPA



EUROPA Website :

Facebook Europa :


Do not hesitate to regularly check this page and follow us around on our European quest !

Waar dient de collecte voor



EUROPA is a non lucrative project that is financed independently. We have already amassed half the funds (6000 Euros out of 12000) and material necessary for the shoot, post production, communication and release.  




Here's why, in three detailed spending lists, today we need your help to bring this project to life, and most of all see it through to the end :




Material to be acquired : 2300 Euros



-        Drone: 1200 Euros



-        Micro-tie: 75 Euros



-        Motorised slider: 1025 Euros




Estimated shooting expenses: 2400 Euros



Travelling fees (trains, planes, on-site locomotion alternatives): 1600 Euros



- Accommodation fees: 800 Euros 




Communication and post production expenses : 1300 Euros



- Documentary translation + German and English off screen voice: 400 Euros



- Web infrastructure& visual support fees: 900 Euros.




AND now for the part of the funding we have already acquired: 6000 Euros 




- Video material (Camera, objectives and different filters): 2800 Euros




- Post production material (I Mac 27 to manage the post production of a long film):  2200 Euros




- Accommodation fees: 400 Euros




- Web infrastructure& Communication fees: 600 Euros





What if together we went beyond the goal of 6000 Euros ?




This film is shot with the intention of reaching as many as possible. Thanks to your generous participation, project EUROPA has reached its initial goal of 6000 Euros after a mere 9 days. From now on, we have 21 days left to reach the 10000 Euros mark, and to make EUROPA an even more accomplished European audio-visual project.


A little indication as to what future donations will finance :




- The film is going to be released in three more languages (off voice, subtitles, communication : German, Italian, Spanish. Such a multilingual approach stems from the desire to increase the film's resonance by integrating multiple European histories and cultures.




- We are going to set up a showing during a private EUROPA event.




Once more, thank you for your contribution to this project. Without you, the adventure would be impossible ! 



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