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European Creative Academy


Imagined, conceived and produced by professional and scientific musicians from the most recognized institutions, ECA (European Creative Academy) implements new interactions between the different musical disciplines (instrumentalists, composers, conductors) and the networks and complementary sector of the life of young professional musicians of the 21st century (artistic entrepreneurship, health, communication, philanthropy, finance).

By stimulating the pro-activity of each one (teachers, trainees, speakers) in a high-level stimulating framework, the ECA builds a strong and lasting cooperative network between institutional and human partners thus positioning itself as a real cursor for artistic education. and cultural development.

(working session with Odile Auboin and the quatuor Adastra)


Placing creativity and innovation at the heart of its evolution, this event ensures the promotion and access of repertoire music and today to all audiences, non musician or amateur, through playful interventions and interactive.

(public workshop "Building his artistic project today" by Benoît Sitzia, Director and President of the Collège Contemporain)


The training courses offered are aimed mainly at young artists attesting to a higher level of training (in progress or completed), in France and abroad.

The academicians and audiences involved in this event will therefore benefit from an ideal setting for:

  • excellent coaching and musical accompaniment (individual and collective) with international soloists and renowned speakers (Henri Demarquette, Tedi Papavrami, Odile Auboin...)
  • develop a deep reflection on artistic and musical practices in the 21st century
  • create new interactions between different musical disciplines
  • meet the actors of transversal sectors (economy, sport, technology, health, political, legal)
  • understand the systems and tools that strengthen entrepreneurship and management capacity
  • imagine, develop and create original and innovative musical projects
  • integrate an international professional network
  • take the time to meet and exchange in an exceptional setting

(photo of the Imperial Palace of Annecy and its congress center, patron and main partner of the ECA)

Waar dient de collecte voor

By supporting the European Creative Academy, you participate in the construction of an innovative dynamic that places artists at the heart of its development and its proposals.

If we seek your attention and your support today it is first and foremost for this first edition of the European Creative Academy to be realized in optimal conditions and offers better prospects for future editions.

We are convinced that the development of this innovative, unique and unclassifiable project is necessary for the future of young professional musicians.

By supporting this project, you enable tomorrow's artists to emancipate themselves and have all the cards they need to evolve in a rapidly changing ecosystem.

In concret terms, by participating in the ECA crowdfunding, you offer the possibility:

  • for young professionals to graciously participate in an exceptional event, learn from the greatest musicians and enjoy exceptional moments of meeting and exchange
  • the creation of a unique Think Tank dedicated to music and musicians
  • to the public to participate in the event by proposing open workshops and free-entry concerts in order to discover the richness of the musical repertoire to the greatest number and without constraint
  • to the team of the European Creative Academy to see always bigger for the next editions by widening its artistic program and the scope of its projects
  • to create other strong moments of work and meeting in the year while maintaining the highest level of intervention of our coaches and partners

(program of the workshops, conferences and public concerts proposed during the edition 2019 of ECA)

By supporting the European Creative Academy, you are carrying the values ​​of culture, arts, youth and creativity by putting your action at the heart of an unprecedented device.

Develop your curiosity, push your limits and remember: every gesture helps to make a difference!

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