Expédition latine

3 Search of meaning, inspiration, feelings ; 3 ways to interpret travel and human being through Art ; Latin America

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Expédition latine

The idea is to (re)discover the world ,

Playing at being new Explorer in new world .

When everything seems to be visible at any place in any time ,

We thirst for learning, seeing, and sharing true experience . 




A trip un America Latina is a good opportunity to see the world under a fresh eye ! 


2 months for an adventure in the south of America, at world's end. 

To have a look elsewhere, to understand what is going on over the great Ocean.

Not sure that life is better there, but sure to find another way of living !


The Expedition Triplette latine, 3 young French, a little lost in XXIth century, but eager to learn, to understand human being, to discover. Also 3 creative potential who need to be share to transcend the travel beyond space and time, make it alife through our words, to create a connexion, and make our experience yours, make our souvenirs, yours .


By broadcasting this project on the web, we want this travel to be a real expression of the journey, giving a version of a world through true and sensitive eye . 

Not a journalistic report, not a documentary, just a human report of a Journey .


We wich to create a sensitive experiment, by writing, filming and recording our trip and adventures, for an immersion in a journey both geographical and spiritual.

Trying to have a pure vision, without any prejudice, to touch the heart of human and nature .





picture of Jérémy








3 identity, 3 sensibilities to restore the memory of 1 journey .  


Lucie : Nimble fingers . Passionate of letters and theater, artistic study. She will write during the trip a logbook, travel diary made of drawings, texts, pictures, ideas or dialogues. To establish a contact with people through various artistic support, impressions from real life .


Charlie :  The musical hearing .  Student in Architecture and head of brass band, he left for one year in Brazil to study, but life study above all. Sensitive and thristy of human contact, enthusiast of movies and short films, also music .  His purpose will be a video editing, mixture of tones, voices, sounds and latin musics, a summary of atmosphere .


Jérémy :  Eagle eye . Studying architecture and grants himself a break discover in his program. He sings a lot and his curiosity is  hurdless. He will produce argentic shots, and a video telling our trip, the poetry of the journey .  



Charly & Jérémy







Sao Paulo

Foz do Iguaçu

Porto Alegre




Buenos Aires

El Calafate (glacier du Perito Morenos)

Ushuaïa (fin del mundo)


Karukinka Park

Punta Arenas

Parc national Torres del paine


Puerto Montt





Arequipa Cusco - el Machu picchu

Lac titicaca (isla del sol)


La Paz - Parque Nacional

Eduardo avaroa national reserve of andean fauna

Desert de sel - uyuni



Recife - Carnaval !

Rio de Janeiro

Sao Paulo    



picture of Jérémy


 We will cross the south of America by plane, by bus, by stop, by hitchhike, and if very lucky we are, by VW combi van ?

To learn more and above all to follow us in this great experience, meet us HERE ( triplettelatine.viens.la )




Be our new "patron of art", Would you come with us ?

Waar dient de collecte voor


oups, so big !



Our journey shall lead us across 6 countries : Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Uruguay and Bolivia . To give you an idea of the distances onto this immense continent, here is an estimation of kilometres we are going to travel :


Sao Paulo -> Buenos Aires : 2 250 km , 30h de route, 100 $

Buenos Aires -> Ushuaïa : 2 370 km , 3h35 de vol, 395 $

Ushuaïa -> Punta Arenas : 253 km, 10h de route, 48 $

Punta Arenas -> Puerto Montt : 2 534km, 30h de route, 70 $

Puerto Montt -> Santiago : 1 032 km, 12h de route, 32 $

Santiago -> Calama : 1 571 km, 20h de route, 60 $

Calama -> Iquique : 385km,  6h30 de route, 28 $

Iquique -> Arica : 313km, 4h30 de route, 14 $

Arica -> La Paz : 458 km, 7h20 de route, ?$

La Paz -> Recife : 3 728 km (vol d'oiseau) , 15h45 de vol, 480 $ !  


The collect will help us to cover a part of transport costs and thus see a maximum of places. We do not ask a funding for all the trip, but a precious help to achieve our artistic projects, ( 1 book self-published + 2 videos + argentics shots ). Actually, to participate !




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« Sincere thought » Thanks for your participation ! Your name will be mentionned at the generic of the short-films, and you can follow our newsletter on our website : triplettelatine.viens.la .
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« Postcard » : Thank you ! You will receive 1 argentic shot of the journey signed Jérémy + your name at the generic and our thanks in the logbook .
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«Expérience visuelle» : Merci ! 1 accès privé aux vidéos de Charlie & de Jérémy en ligne + contreparties précédentes (1 tirage & nom au générique & remerciements)
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« Sensitive experiment » : Big thanks ! 1 copy of Lucie's logbook (gathering french texts, sketch, color pictures) + our thanks in the logbook + 1 sardine box special America latina !
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« Multi-sensory experiment » : Big thanks ! 1 copy of the logbook + 1 private access to view Charlies's short-films and Jérémy's video + your name in the generic and in the logbook .
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Voor €100

«Expérience souvenir intense» : La totale ! 1 exemplaire du journal + 1 accès privé aux 2 vidéos + toutes les contreparties précédentes (1 tirage + 1 boite à Sardine + votre nom au générique et à la fin du livre)
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« Transcendental experiment » : Big thanks ! 1 special souvenir from Latin America (given by hand if you come to Paris or Nancy) + every previous gifts (access to the videos + logbook + 1 shot + 1 sardine box + your name in the generic and in the logbook)
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« Shared experiment » : Let's talk ! A good bottle to share with us in Paris, to talk and exchange in live about the journey + every previous gifts (access to the videos + logbook + 1 shot + 1 sardine box + your name in the generic and in the logbook)
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«Life Experiment » : We take you in our luggage ...
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