Exposition "L'almanach des aléas", par l'association milo

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Exposition "L'almanach des aléas", par l'association milo

Exhibition « The Almanac of Uncertainties »

By the association milo

From July 8 — 13, 2019



Romain Blanck, Romain Bobichon, Baptiste Brossard, Océane Bruel, Lou Masduraud, Léa Mercier, Maïté Marra, Jena Baptiste Perret, Sophie T. Lvoff, Gaspar Willmann, Garance Wullschleger, Maha Yammine.


Graphic design for the catalog

Aurane Loury, Claire Marrel et Marielle Nicolas


A proposal by milo

Luce Cocquerelle-Giorgi, Lou Ferrand, Beatriz Forti, Julia Henry, Léa Hodencq, Sophie Holmlund, Marina James-Appel, Liza Maignan, Pamela Medina Lopez, Alessia Pascarella, Katia Porro, Yundi Wang


Milo is an association of 12 young independent and international curators (from Brazil, China, France, Italy, Mexico, and the United States) based in Paris. The curators work to engage in supporting the links between contemporary art and its public through developing spaces for exchange conducive to the diffusion and mediation of art and contemporary creation.



milo is currently developing on an exhibition in collaboration with the École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts of Lyon that will take place in Paris from July 8 – 13, 2019. 


The curatorial statement has developed across several encounters and exchanges between the artist and the curators.


The twelve artists united in this exhibition will present works that articulate themselves in a contemporary plurality. The works on display explore both the ordinary as well as its transformation. Although certain pieces will occupy the space physically throughout the duration of the exhibition, others will come to activate it, marking their singular temporalities (performances, concerts, conversations, lectures, instants of confrontation, moments of reflection as well as celebration). The ensemble will interrupt the tranquility of the space as an intensification of the experience together.



The exhibition will be accompanied by a catalogue realized in collaboration with the graphic design students at the ENSBA Lyon.


As a result of a three-way collaboration between artist, curator, and graphic designer, the catalogue was envisioned as not only a didactic space, but one that involves artistic interventions specific to the object itself: the reader will discover in its pages an in situ work by artist Maïté Marra. This editorial object proposes a variety of content (texts by the curators, artistic interventions, iconographic works) and functions as an extension of the exhibition. Its singular form and system of navigation disrupts our normal reading habits.


Romain Blanck

Image: Vue d'accrochage, Ensba Lyon, 2018


Romain Bobichon

Image: Duelle (exhibition view), Bikini, Lyon, Photo: Frédéric Houvert


Baptiste Brossard

Image: Processions, film, 2019


Océane Bruel

Image: I send out an sms to the world (à gauche), 2019, memory-shape pillow, burnt candle wicks / Untitled (right), 2018, silicone, pigment. Photos: Maarit Mustonen, Courtesy of the artist


Lou Masduraud

Image: Active substances fountain, 2018, view of the exhibtion  Brazil, 2018, Fondazione Sandretto © Paolo Saglia. Courtesy FCAC Genève


Léa Mercier

Image: Sans titre (Périphérie), view of the exhibition Bavardages, curated by Auguri Curating, Galerie La Lanterne, 2016


Maïté Marra

Image: Rome *1, 2016, photography edition, series of 24 scans, Courtesy of the artist


Jean-Baptiste Perret

Image: L'Hiver et le 15 Août, 2018, film HD, 56min, film still, Courtesy of the artist


Sophie T. Lvoff

Image : The Davidoff's, performance, Lecture : Sophie T. Lvoff, Musique : Elia David, Belsunce Project, Marseille, 2018


Gaspar Willmann 

Image: Pêle-mêle pour self-working space, 2019, installation with office chair, oblique frame 70 x 200 cm, stickers, post-its, business cards, images found


Garance Wullschleger

Image: Après moi, le déluge, 2019, duo with Anna Reutinger, KlaraKiss Zipspace - Zurich ©️ Marie Grandclément et Valentin Wullschleger 


Maha Yammine

Image: Fady had a canary, 2017, slab, earth, seeds, variable dimensions



This project is a result of the research program "Artist and curator," a partnership between Sorbonne Université and the École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts of Lyon. The first exposition realized on the occasion of this collaboration, Partout, mais pas pour très longtemps, was, was organized by the collective Convoi exceptionnel in Lyon, July 2018.


We would like to thank all of the supporters of this project:


Sorbonne Université

Directors of the Master’s program: Isabelle Ewig & Arnauld Pierre

Co-director: Guillaume Le Gall

Curatorial Coordinator: Claire Le Restif

Editoral Coordinator: Valérie Mavridorakis


École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts de Lyon

Assistant Director of Studies: Gilles Levavasseur

Assisant Director of Resources : Stéphanie Gressier

Director of Alumni and External Relations: Elise Chaney

Coordinator of 4th and 5th year students : Sarah Tritz

Coordinator of the post-diplôme program : François Piron

Educational Coordinator - Graphic Design: Alexandre Balgiu & Olivier Lebrun


Coordinator (adéra) - Le Grand Large (Décines) artist studios : Justine Delnegro

Waar dient de collecte voor

The amount collected will directly support the participating artists. We would like to raise 150 euros for each artist to cover production fees.


150 x 12 = 1800 € + supplementary costs at 200 € = 2000 €

2000 + 160 = 2160 €

If the money collected exceeds this amount, the difference will be distributed equally and given to the artists collected.

The association milo will receive the money raised in its entirety to be distrubted to the artists.

In order to offer the best working conditions to the artists, we invite you to participate with a donation.

We are counting on you!

Many thanks !


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