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Exposition NNIPAS

What is NNIPAS ? www.nnipas.com



NNIPAS is a multiform artistic project.

NNIPAS is the acronym for the French “We would not go if…”

For our last edition we were 8 artists: 5 photographers, an author, an illustrator and a sound artistis.


Why wouldn’t we go ?


We wouldn’t go if we weren’t together

We wouldn’t go if we wouldn’t be following the instructions of a master of ceremony.

We wouldn’t go if we wouldn’t want to put ourselves to the test of a given place and of a limited time of experimentation. 


PROTOCOLE A master of ceremony imposes one destination to the participants. The team NNIPAS gets there and spend several days together. The ambition is to deliver an interpretation of the destination through visuals, graphic, texts and sound. By mixing different techniques and expression. The center of our artistic approach is to value and promote areas that are either little known either undervalued.


DESTINATION A country, a region, a city, a street, a hotel, a room.





TIME / DURATION  A week of production, a week of editing, exhibition and restitution.




During the last NNIPAS expedition we were invited by the French Cultural Institute of Jordan to work during the Amman Image Festival in March 2014. We focused our experience on the city of Salt, the former capital of Jordan. After a week of photographing, recording sounds and accumulating content from there We set up two exhibitions, the first one was in a gallery. The other was in a typical house of the center of Amman that we had reopened for the occasion.

The result of our production in choosing two specific venues had then created a unique perception of Salt, therefore a unique Exhibition. We were proud to bringing our projet as far as mixing cultures and generations.




Today, the VI edition  we want to lead a different project a different experience.




Our ambition is to run a project in Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines (France) that would be as original as what we did in Jordan. This year, it was Rodolphe Burger that commissioned us to go to his Alsatian valley. After a week of an unexpected richness, we decided to look for an unique and particular spot to show our production during the festival “C’est dans la Vallée” that takes place in October in Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines.


This year, the festival will be made of:


Concerts (you’ll hear Salut c’est cool, Laurent Garnier, kat Onoma, etc.)

Unusual movie-theaters

Photography exhibitions



We are expectiing to instal the exhibition in less than 2 month.

We want to be able to raise at least 8.000 euros.  At Present,  we don't have the financial capacity to produce our works by ourselves. Subsidies aren't as fast as friends. That's why only one solution remains: YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS !


Great. But I didn't really understand. Who's behind all of this ? 










Camille Rousseau – Illustrator

Lives and works in London. After completing a Masters in animation cinema and a Masters in design and communication at Saint Martins School of Art, Camille decided to settle her studio in London. She collaborates mostly with architects and photographers, in between her editorial commissions and her murals. The principal theme of her work stems from the psychogeography. She also works on cartography.



Tanguy Bizien – Author

Tanguy completed a PhD in cinema at the Sorbonne Nouvelle. He teaches the semiotics of images in various universities (Paris 3, CNAM, E-artsup…). He is the author of numerous articles and scientific works. For NNIPAS, he is looking at new and unprecedented forms of writing. He is also the founder of the music festival Panoramas in Morlaix, where he engages in a reflection over the sound material in the arts (cinema, electronic music, contemporary art).



Christophe Caudroy – Photographer

Lives and works in Paris. Julien has been a reporter and portrait photographer for the last 15 years. He works both for the media (New-Yorker, New-York Times, Libération, Le Monde, Grazia, Elle) and the music industry (he has a residence in the Paris Philharmonic, and works for the artists of Universal, Virgin, Naïve, Sony…). He is the co-founder of the photography studio J’Adore ce que vous faites !



Vincent Catala – Photographer

Lives and works in Paris and Rio de Janeiro. He completed a Masters in Intellectual Property in 2000. In 2006 he becomes a photographer after having done different jobs. Since 2010 he focused his research on the evolutions of the city of Rio de Janeiro. His work was exhibited in Paris, Arles, Amman, Los Angeles, Rio de Janeiro, Tbilisi and Braga. He has also won many prices.






Rodolphe Burger is a musician, guitarist, composer and singer. In 1980 he founded his own rock band, Kat Onoma. Later, he began his solo carrier.

In 2002 he founded his own production company: Dernière Bande. His album Meteor Show was a success and receive the Charles-Cros prize in 1998. His talent for music lead to 5 albums with Kat Onoma and songs for artists such as Higelin, Bashung or Françoise Hardy. He has become an influencer in the music sphere. He was recently commissionned to work on a musical interpretation of the work of Edward Curtis "In the Land of the Head Hunters". It was screened at the Rencontres Photographiques d'Arles in 2015 to celebrate the hundredth birthday of the film. He created the festival "C'est dans la vallée" in 2000, where very different musicians meet up. It iakes place in his motherland, Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines.







GUESTS OF THE SIXTH EDITION - Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines


Vincent Lappartient - Photographer

After his studies in art history at la Sorbonne and the École des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (EHESS), he became a specialist of fashion with his thesis and exhibition at the Galliera museum " the fashion show as spectacle". As a fashion reporter she works in the backstages of Chanel, Yves Saint-Laurent, Hermès, Sonia Rykiel, Fendi, Christian Lacroix, Rick Owens and for the auction houses Sotheby’s and Christie's. he also works for the magazines Elle, Madame Figaro and le Monde. 

For the past twelve years he was a professor of the history and sociology of fashion at Esmod, Mod'art and sometimes at the French Institute of Fashion.



Olivier Lasson - Musician

Lives and works in Paris.  He was initially trained by Georges Paczynski in jazz drumming and in mastering the sound in a given space. He mixes the techniques of Field Recording and numerical beatmaking. He is also developing a musical unvierse around the idea of a photographic sound. Through his many projects, the accumulation of sounds he recorded became a personal and particular sound database. He uses it to improvise and mix Free Jazz, Granular Electro and Broken Dance. 



Ava du Parc - Photographer

Lives and works in Paris. She completed her studies at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure Louis-Lumière. When she got out, she decided to stay a little more and help the new students as lighting director of the studios. Besides her production job at the J'Adore studio, she is a freelance photographer, specialized in still life.





Waar dient de collecte voor

The funds will help us to take over a building (soon announced), to produce a unique exhibition which will be part of a great festival C'est dans la Vallée.  The fund will cover the production the exhibition costs ( material ressources ...) 

Our team expenses travels, material,


Our travelling expenses for 8 artists and 3 stays in Sainte-Marie (Identifying the spots, setting up, and exhibition) will reach 3.000 euros. Our living expenses will reach 2.000 euros (10 euros for housing / artist / day for 15 days + 15 euros for food / artist / day).


To conclude:


- With 4.000 euros: we will be able to go to Sainte-Marie and have a drink or two with the locals while telling them how awesome the exhibition would have been. We will try to hitch a ride back to Paris before we run out of food.


- With 8.000 euros: we will be able to go to Sainte-Marie and come back. The exhibition will be honorable and the visitors satisfied. But we will be somehow frustrated for we are perfectionists. We will only eat potatoes so that we can afford the last LCD projector.


If ever we go beyond 8.000 euros:




- With 10.000 euros: we will organize concerts, movie projections, etc. It will promote our event and make it a little bit more lively and fun. We will ask David Lynch to be there. He will leave and slam the door: the catering only offered water!


- Beyond 10.000 euros:  we are legit. David Lynch comes (for real)*. The crowd of the valley is jubilant. The works of the exhibition will enter the collections of contemporary art of the government*. 


- Beyond 25.000 euros: we can start the production of the next NNIPAS edition, the building will become a historical monument by the UNESCO* and Vincent Catala can come to Sainte-Marie from Rio de Janeiro!


(*) Any resemblance to future incidents is foreseeable but beyond our control.  

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