Extrait du coeur

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Extrait du coeur

The author immerses us in excerpts from romantic correspondence and photographs of the women he has loved. One of the letters, like a magical rite, dreams of a mechanical turning back of the relationship to bring us to the threshold of the present moment of love.

Author's note of intent

Following the loss of a close friend, I tidied up his affairs and witnessed everything related to the emotion of his loss. I realized that apart from his family, his creations, and his friends, what had mattered most to him were the women he had known closely and how deeply these moments had affected his life. So I went back to my own romantic correspondence as well as the photographs of my love stories and chose what was close to my heart. One of the letters imagined going back to the source of the encounter! I was inspired by it to perfect this work.


I was helped by Sanaz Azari and the graphic designer Fabrice Dehaeseleer. Illustration by Elise Toussaint. The book is published by the house "Images d'à Côté"

The book will be printed at the end of September 2020! Thank you !

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  • Subject Books 80 inside pages + flyleaves + hard cover Type 1 version Format Open: 340 x 240 mm Closed: 170 x 240 mm Vignette: 80 x 120 mm

Printing of the book is scheduled for the end of September. I will invite you to the opening at the very beginning of October!

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