FaceBike - Moto Clube Faro Bikers

FaceBike is a photographic project celebrating the bikers during the Moto Clube Faro "International Motorcycle Meeting"in Portugal.

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FaceBike - Moto Clube Faro Bikers


We just won the Third Prize in PX3 International Photography contest Paris 2014 for our FaceBike series made in 2012... We are so proud!

Make FaceBike 2014 be alive... we need your support!!

Thanks to all the Moto Clube Faro Bikers.






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2012 the first travel


I have been regularly in Algarve, Portugal, for a decade now. I can say that I literally fell in love with this country... having a portuguese wife (and also co-worker!) helped me a lot also to enjoy this wonderful country!


During those trips i often heard about the Moto Clube Faro and its annual "International Motorcycle Meeting" during summer. So I decided to see this concentration where tens of thousands bikers, from all around the world, gather together under a very hot sun, among dust and sand, captivated by motors and music resounding... drinking beers after a long travel.

For many, bikers environment seems unfriendly due to a caricatured image, spread by mass media, where they appear as standing away from other people with their tough looking and badass faces.

I rather found a warm atmosphere with friendly people and an easy approachability.

As a portrait photographer i've found a part of the "nirvana"! People with such beautiful faces, full of strength and character!


In July 2012, after months of preparation, we were ready with my team, Teresa Machado and Guillaume "MolaMan" Dufour to get in this event and begin the FaceBike series.


Some of our images from 2012 session

Our project on Behance


2014...our plan for this second travel


For this second session, during summer 2014 annual Moto Clube Faro meeting, we want to concentrate our work on the bikers babies... their motorcycles! All in front of a travel studio background.



Braza Tavares - Secretario Geral do Moto Clube Faro












If we raise enough fund, we will make a book from this project. To celebrate some of the bikers we photograph (2012 & 2014 FaceBike series) during Moto Clube Faro Motorcycle Meeting.


To work with a prestigious printer from France, Escourbiac, we need to pledge at least 95 books.

29,7x21 cm Hardcover, ImageWrap 80 pages book.


If we raise the fund, without arrived at 95, we will print the books via Blurb with their best quality mat paper.

25x20 cm Hardcover, ImageWrap 60 pages book.












Jérôme Epaillard is a French professional photographer. He's been working for 10 years mainly in portraits and architecture photography. His architectural work has been published internationally.

He "lives" for Photography and he is passionate about others people's cultures.







Teresa Machado is a French/Portuguese photographer-videographer who has started her career recently as a co-worker with Jérôme Epaillard. She has a natural contact with people, in fact she likes people...and "her" Portugal. She will help us to set the studio and also express through her camera her own vision about the project...nobody knows yet what she has in mind!





Guillaume "MolaMan" Dufour is a school teacher! He is a passionate amateur-photographer. He is the lighting man of this project. His eternal good mood and natural strength help the team to feel always peaceful.







KissKissBankers...We need your support to help us to come back to the annual "Moto Clube Faro 2014 meeting" and edit a tremendous bikers book!!!

Let's meet there...


You may contact us via PM if you want us to shoot you with your bike during the meeting.


You can follow us and the project at our Facebook or Twitter page.

Moto Clube Faro Facebook page.




Waar dient de collecte voor

"Minimum" total cost of the project: 3950€ 


Life and shooting at Moto Clube Faro: 1450€

. We plan to go by car to Faro, from Paris. We have a lot of gears to transport so it is a better option than by plane, but still a long 4 days round trip: 800€

. Food...and beers (It's HOT in there) - 3 people / 5 days: 300€

. A little bit of photographic gear: Travel studio background + some accessories: 350€


We'll be welcome at a friend's house so hosting is free.

We'll use our own car, photographic and lighting gear.


The book: 2500€ (minimum)

Making a book via Escourbiac (famous french printer) will cost for 100ex (that's the minimum amount they accept) about 8000€ (shipping to EU citizens included) but we would like in our wildest dreams make a 300ex. limited edition copy. (around 10000€)... it will all depend of your support!!


If we cannot raise our goals of 95 books pledged, we will still do this book but via Blurb, for people that pledged for it. Cost for 50 books: 2500€


Post-Production Photography work

In 2012 we shot about 120 portraits! We worked on Photography retouching about 2 hours for each one! For 10 hours a day it is a 24 days work!!

Making our living with photography, it will be difficult financially to work a full month on a project without having any other income.

Your help will also allow us to work a full month, without anxiety on this project.


KissKissBankBank will take a commission fee of 8% on the final amount.





Thank you for watching, for your support and lets meet there!! 

You may contact us via PM if you want us to shoot you with your bike during the meeting.








You can visit our work: Here


Epaillard+Machado Photography 


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