First Solo Album "Facing The Hills"

First Solo Album 'Facing The Hills'

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First Solo Album "Facing The Hills"

Almost two years ago I released my second solo EP, and now it’s time to think about what to do next. Another EP? A live recording? After playing some songs more than 100 times a year, they have changed. Especially the old ones from ‘Acoustic Guitar’ my first EP recorded in 2016. So let’s take two songs from the first EP (Sunny Happiness and Waiting For You), and my three favourites from my second EP (No More Questions, The Wee Blether, From The Beginning)  and I’ve got half a CD! 

The other half is composed of new songs. My way to work has changed a bit as I’m not on the road anymore. I settled in Scotland, found my base. I’ve got more time to explore and only one beautiful landscape to inspire me. 

Every new song is directly connected to my new life in Scotland. The Piper’s Blues is the result of an improvisation when I was running out of songs playing my first three hours long gig in Glasgow. Torrisdale Bridge came to me during an escape weekend in the Garden House at Torrisdale Castle, sitting on the floor, looking at the fire. After touring and composing in random places, Back Home is just about feeling good coming home, facing Ben Ledi and playing some notes. One Step Forward is special to me. I really decided to explore and push myself out of my comfort zone, looking for new techniques and new sounds. Finally Facing The Hills was born during those months of 2020 where we all had to rethink our lives, finding new ways to enjoy a different life, solving one problem after another.  Because when you’re stuck, or you think you are, the only way to keep going is to face it and get over it. In other words, Facing The Hills.

To thank you for your contribution, you'll find a great choice of signed CDs, vinyls, guitar lessons and private home gigs! 

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Money collected will be used to pay studio, sound engineer, photography, artwork, and the making of the CDs. 

Your investment will join some of my own savings to complete the project. 

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