Financement de l'album de JELILA

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Financement de l'album de JELILA

Hello beautiful soul,


if you don't know me, here's a trailer to discover me: 


Initially I wanted to auto-produce my album and had the money for it. But life sometimes comes out with strange surprises and then we have to bounce.

After a double refusal of the US customs to let me in to go to honor my engagements with 4 different voluntary performances, one of them at Burning Men and the other at the international live looping festival in San Diego, my initial budget volatilized and my moral went to the floor. It’s because of that episode that I thought of crowfunding my project.

Being a street performer I know very well that the artist is nothing without its audience. But I like to be as independent as possible :-) So out of an other immediate choice, let’s give a try to that beautiful new solution based on solidarity.


Souvenir of the 1 st refusal of the customs to let me enter the USA (in Dublin )





Second refusal, tougher than the first with a nice stamp meaning ( according to the custom officer) that I will never be allowed to enter the USA  ( all my life ) without a working visa





Allow me to share my feelings with you.


I consider myself as a leaf of a tree, the tree of humanity. To our roots I am grounded and to our sky I am connected. I like to see myself as a vessel of light blessed with a physical body that came to Earth to understand the meaning of love in order to be able to transmit it. This is the mission I chose.


I wish each one of us ( including me ) could see instead of looking, feel instead of thinking, observe instead of judging and accept the richnesses of our differences instead of rejecting them. I wish fear would stop invading us and dividing us, I wish we could awaken our individual consciousness and rise collectively on a new level of creation. I wish we could feel the other as reflecting parts of us , wether expressed or repressed, because we are all made of light and darkness and it’s up to us to choose the way that defines us best.


Each one of us has the same rough diamond inside, the choice wether to polish it or not is up to us. I wish we could feel that we are one, inside the same tree of life, that we are the leaves of that same entity.


We live in an era both tragical and fascinating and I found that music is a very nice way to spread all these seeds of reflexion over our nature as humans in a world that does not really encourage us to dig deep into these themes.  


To give you an idea about the themes of my album, there's 2 live videos above of songs that will be on the new album.


1- Live Love Create and Share



2- Wake Up



And  for the new ones,

there's "آلحب آلحقيقي "( true love) , my first song in arabic

and "Todo es una magica broma de Dios", my first song in spanish

and many other new tracks dealing with the emergency of getting connected to use our collective powers to bring some positive changes in this crazy world order...


Well, that's it, I hope I raised enough interest to create the will for participating in my project.


If I manage to exceed the initial amount, it would be used to finance a video-clip for one of my new songs!


In any case, thank you for your interest.


We are one,


so take care beautiful soul,


Love & Light, 



" The important is not to convince, but to give food for thought"


Waar dient de collecte voor



700 euros for the SDRM that gives permission to press 1000 physical cds. for more infos


700 for the mixing and mastering of my tracks


700 for the actual pressing of 1000 cds


I'd love to ask for more to finance a videoclip, but it's possible to overtake the initial amount, so let's be optimistic :-)



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