Finance a second hand truck to get Scarlett show closer to disabled kids

Back Scarlett by contributing to the financing of the truck that will allow the show to travel to disabled kids' institutions.

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Finance a second hand truck to get Scarlett show closer to disabled kids

Scarlett's show was created by Marie, a musician, after she met with an autistic little girl. The lyrics, the settings, the lights are ready to go as the show was already performed 25 times in front of traditional audience. Marie would like this  show to travel to  kids who are not in a position to attend any traditional representation.

This musical muppet show is about  a little girl Scarlett  who used to escape at night time to her magic world thanks to her purse made of starry veil and filled with magic candies. As she has lost her purse she is forced to interact with the real world in order to try to get it back. Will she get it back?

As the show was inspired by an autistic little girl, the artists  are willing  to perform it for disabled kids in specialized institutions.

Marie is not alone in this adventure !

Christiana, her Mum (with her 10 years of working experience with Pierre Cardin in fashion), contributed to the beautiful  muppets and settings. Jerome, her  actor friend, is performing in the show as well.

Waar dient de collecte voor


Budget : EUR 5000 +

to finance 

1-second hand truck (see above picture)

2- 8%  financing cost due to  Kisskissbanbank  and their partners circa EUR 400 

3-  50  EUR for a for pictures, portfolio packages as well as video and muppet costs for donators.

Marie, Christiana and Jérôme are planning  to stay after the show and organise free workshops to interact with the audience  (make-up workshops as well as handcrafted goodies, tour of the settings) ;

Those workshops would be the opportunity for the audience to build out their own stories out of show. 

The team also plan to self finance the lights needed for improving the quality of the representation (circa 1500 EUR) as well as any potential upgrade to the second hand truck that would make it a more reliable vehicle.

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