FLOCON - Biscuits Superfood

Discover our innovative organic savory biscuits, made with SUPERFOOD ingredients - so delicious and completely healthy!

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Les Petits Frenchies supports the project FLOCON - Biscuits Superfood

FLOCON - Biscuits Superfood

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Allocation of funds

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  • 6 contributions
B L O S S O M S: A huge thank you and your name on our factory's "Wall of Fame"!

Estimated delivery: July 2017


  • 28 contributions
S P R I N G : B L O S S O M S + coasters and a pack of Flocon biscuits of your choice to prepare the return of summer and its endless drinks with friends!

Estimated delivery: July 2017


  • 22 contributions
S U M M E R : S P R I N G + a deck of cards for family picnics, and 2 additional packs of Flocon biscuits so everyone can share!

Estimated delivery: July 2017


  • 10 contributions
F I E S T A : S U M M E R + a bottle opener for a much deserved summer glass of rosé...

Estimated delivery: July 2017


  • 11 contributions
P L A Y A : F I E S T A + an Ice Bag to carry all of your refreshments with you to the beach!

Estimated delivery: July 2017


  • 4 contributions
B A R B E C U E : P L A Y A + a portable barbecue kit to be prepared at any moment to demonstrate your "grilling" skills...

Estimated delivery: July 2017


  • 4 contributions
H O L I D A Y : B A R B E C U E + an entire range of Flocon biscuits, because on holiday there's always lots of us...

Estimated delivery: July 2017


  • 5 contributions
A million times thank you for your support! You're in for a treat: drinks with both of us to learn more about our entreprenarial adventure!

Estimated delivery: July 2017


  • 2 contributions
We invite you to Brittany for a complete visit of the factory once it's up and running. You'll even be able to bake you own batch of Flocon biscuits!!

Estimated delivery: July 2017


  • 1 contribution
Wow!! Ok we're dreaming here, but if someone does give us over 3000€, we let them choose a new biscuit flavour! Think wisely, it's not that easy - it has to be organic, healthy, vegan and most of all delicious...

Estimated delivery: July 2017

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