Foux : Réalisation de mon premier EP

Help me finance my first electronic music EP!

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Foux : Réalisation de mon premier EP

Hi everyone, I am Foux, I am 26 and I am very excited to present you this project concerning my upcoming soft electronic EP in December. 




At the age of 4 I accomplished my first goal and started playing the piano. I was trained classical until the age of 16 before uploading my first piano covers to Youtube. After completing my scientific french baccalaureate I went to Canada to study geology. My first Youtube video was a piano cover of Ocean by John Butler which he instantly shared onto his Facebook page. 




While completing my engineering Master in the Netherlands, I spent a lot of time on the piano preparing a cover of Down the Road from C2C. The video was instantly shared on the band's Facebook page




After being hired by a large Norwegian oil company, I left the Netherlands for Stavanger. In order to spice up my lonely evenings I decided to buy Logic, my first music production software. Thanks to this new tool, I was able to mix different sounds along with the piano. This enabled me to release covers of Petit Biscuit, in particular Sunset Lover and You which were retweeted by the artist himself!



I recently decided to take a break in my professional life in order to dedicate myself to music. This EP is therefore the accomplishment of a lifelong dream and an in-depth musical research.  




Releasing an EP is expensive! Covered costs include paying the mixing engineer, the mastering engineer, the CD manufacturing and the press release, just to name a few. You will find the details in the next section.


Many of you have been following me from the start and I am extremely grateful for your support. A big THANK YOU to all of you that will help make this project successful. 

Waar dient de collecte voor

Here is the breakdown of the total crowdfunding target:


Mixing engineer: 1000 EUR


Mastering engineer: 500 EUR


CD release: 500 EUR 


CD Copyrights: 500 EUR 


KissKissBankBank fee: 330 EUR 


Marketing + Press Release: 800 EUR 


Merchandise and postage: 500 EUR 




If the collected funds go beyond target, a musical clip will be created!


Projection planning :


I am super excited! My songs are ready and I am meeting with the sound engineers early November before the CDs are pressed later in the month. You will therefore receive the physical EP as well as all the extra goodies in January 2018. 


I will collect the total amount of the raised funds in order to manage the entire project.


Thanks again for your support!


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