Free Startup Project

120 startupers students, 30 mentors, 54 hours, 18 conferences. How many startups in the end ? #entreprendre #HackTheRules

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Free Startup Project

The project


            The Free Startup Project is an initiation to entrepreneurship which gathers many students from friday, april 17th to Sunday, april 19th, 2015 at the Ecole 42 in order to develop disruptive start-up projects which will be submitted to a jury of professionals at the end of the event.


            Gathered in teams of 6, the 120 aspiring entrepreneurs will have to design disruptive solutions in settled domains, in which digital innovation can be a deciding factor. The Free Startup Project intends to promote the occurring of non-traditional solutions to upset the established order, such as Uber in the transportation industry, AirBnB in the hotel industry, Netflix in the audiovisual industry or the alternative payment systems (such as BitCoin) in the financial sector. The aspiring entrepreneurs, gathered in several categories – salesmen, software developers, designers -, or from various horizons, will be helped by mentors during their journey, with daily coaching sessions.


            As this entrepreneurship event takes place, public meetings will be scheduled to discuss the influence of the digital revolution and its influence on entrepreneurship, the obstacles to creation in France, or even the driving force for society that is collaborative economy.


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Our goal


            Through Free Startup Project, we intend to encourage entrepreneurship within society, especially amongst young people. We are deeply convinced that entrepreneurship which fosters individual liberty and creativity is a good way to build the free and thriving society of tomorrow.



We also seize the occasion to show to the public that free initiative, without government intervention, can initiate collaborative movements to favor the appearance of spontaneous solutions.




The organizers


            The Free Startup Project is carried by a group of students from Paris and surroundings and federated by Students For Liberty – Paris and LThink Libéral SciencesPo which both work towards a freer society. Both a symbol of liberty and responsibility, entrepreneurship is a formidable opportunity for our generation.

            We refuse public funding and political support to favor strong ties with civil society instead, especially young and innovative start-ups. The ideals of liberty, creativity and independence, are, for us, moral values that can thrive without political support or the standardized environment of the academic circle.. 




Students for Liberty – Paris






Think Libéral Sciences Po






The event


An accelerated immersion for 120 students


Week-end timestamp




➢      6 p.m. : Opening brunch

➢      6:30 p.m. : Introduction speech and « ice breaking »

➢      7:30 p.m. : Pitch

➢      9 p.m. : Dinner

➢      9:30 p.m. : Best ideas selection

➢      9:45 p.m. : Team building and project formalization

➢      10 p.m. : Beginning of the journey




Mentors organize coaching sessions

Short lectures are scheduled during the entire day for those who need advice


➢      5:30 – 10 a.m. : Breakfast

➢      2:00 p.m. : Lunch

➢      8:30 p.m. : Plenum - Checkpoint

➢      9:00 p.m. : Dinner




Mentors prepare the “start-upers” for the oral presentation


➢      5:30 -10 a.m. : Breakfast

➢      2:00 p.m. : Lunch

➢      6 p.m. : Jury introduction and start-up presentations

➢      20:00 : Jury deliberation, selection of the three best projects and awards ceremony

➢      20:30 : Closing brunch




An event opened to the public and the media


            Eighteen general public lectures will be scheduled Saturday (9:30 a.m. - 12:30 a.m. / 2 p.m. – 6 p.m.) and Sunday morning (9:30 a.m. – 12:30 a.m.). Speakers will do 10 minutes dynamic presentations followed by a 20 minutes question session. The purpose of this presentation pattern (inspired by the BarCamp model) is to arouse the debating of the most ideas and projects possible.


            The goal is to acknowledge companies and free projects in various sectors. Some will have the opportunity to visit the school and take a look at the work of the Free Startup Project teams.





Project building




            From now on up until mid-January, we will work on fundraising tools, such as a website and a video campaign. We will also put the fundraising sources in order (crowdfunding, standard sponsoring).

By the end of January, we will begin to recruit the future coaches who will work with the students as well as the speakers who will take part of the event. In the meantime, we will launch a big media campaign.

            By the end of February, we will begin to communicate around the event. The student recruitment will start in March following strict rules. The inscriptions to attend the lectures will also begin during this period.

            Furthermore, we will extend the Free Startup Project by communicating about the projects that have come to fruition and the newly created opportunities. We will plan on reproducing the event pattern all around the country during next year by using our association network.




Provisional budget : 12.4k €



We are looking for supports!



You believe in our project and you want to help us achieve it (crowdfunding) and spread it (thunderclap).



Your company promotes innovation, creativity, risk-taking : don’t hesitate ! We will be pleased to do a partnership with you.




We are looking for volunteers : entrepreneurs/startupers, teachers and consultants to teach the teams and be part of the panel of judges.


Face new challenges, meet young talents, and share your experience!

Business angels/recruiters


Find non-typical profiles, original projects and investment perspectives.

Media / Partners


Help the great public discover the driving forces that are innovating start-ups within the sharing economy and to the benefit of the masses by having a privileged access to the event!


Christophe Seltzer

Project manager

President - Students for Liberty – Paris

06 67 35 12 83


Thomas Rockenstrocly

Project manager

Président - Think Libéral Sciences Po

06 43 65 50 86






Waar dient de collecte voor



The core idea of the Free Start-up Project is that acting as an entrepreneur today is in many ways more powerful and more significant than acting politically.

New technologies are reshaping businesses and non-profits. The start-ups emerging from these changes are not only cost-effective; they are also pushing the boundaries of the State and its irrelevant regulations. Think about Uber, AirBnb, Blablacar. They are creating a new environment, solving problems in a collaborative and disruptive way. These startups carry the values of tomorrow’s free society in which we believe strongly.

The Free Start-up project is an independent start-up week-end that aims to instill this mindset into student. We want to provide the students with an understanding that they can be entrepreneurs and thereby they can lead the free society. It will take place from April 17th to 19th at the tech school 42 in Paris.

Because we believe in the free society and in entrepreneurship values, we will refuse any government funded grant. We therefore need your support for the Free Start-up Project to become reality. We need you to spread entrepreneurship for a better tomorrow. If you share our values, please support us at: Free Startup Project @FreeStartupProject


Thank you very much,


The Free Start-up Project team.



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