Freedom Festival Flies in 2018/2019

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Freedom Festival Flies in 2018/2019




Flying Freedom Festival 2018


 The international community Flying Freedom Festival (web and fb) enters the 4th year of existence. For 2018-2019 we prepare artistic and community events in 8 European countries and in 1 Asian country.


We are preparing a theatre and social project in Cambodia in April – May 2018. For two weeks of residency we will prepare a show with disabled youth and present it during new circus festival Tini Tinou together with shows of FFF members.


For summer 2018 we are preparing “Project V4” in Visegrad countries (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia) and in Romania. Three weeks of pedagogical research with international collective of artists and pedagogues working with 5 groups of children from orphanages, or socially disadvantaged families. Project will be entirely financed by International Visegrad Fund.


Our first meeting of artists in Portugal took place in May 2016. We plan the second edition in autumn 2018. Two weeks of workshops, creation residency, exchange and shows with artists from all around the Europe.


We have met in France in May 2015 and we plan to return in the end of winter 2019. The base of this meeting of artists will be reflection and work about Odyssey of Homer. We would like to develop this story and talk about exile, refugees and expatriates while formally working with puppets and multilingualism.


Finally, the Romania will host us for the 4th time in the summer 2019. It will be time for creation of a new show of FFF. And the same way as the previous years, workshop and shows will take place.


The main goal of all these projects is personal and collective enrichment, creation of relationships, meetings and discussions.

Some events will be financially supported by grants, but the majority fully depends on the good will of participants and your kind contribution.




The production team of next meetings:


Barbora Vlasova, Czech republic (comedian) ....




Mafalda Lopez, Portugal (actress), Maïa Chanvin, France (actress), ...




... Réka Deak, Romania-Hungary (puppeteer), ...




... Janko Polak, Slovakia (comedian, juggler, producer), ...




.... Husam Abed, Palestine - Jordan (puppeteer, musician), Daniel Viana, Portugal (comedian), Michal Kwiatkowski, Poland (graphic, musician), ...




and more than 20 artists from Brasil, Colombia, Germany, Mexico, Slovenia, Spain, and others, who actively participate on adventure called FFF. 


What is Flying Freedom Festival?


Flying Freedom Festival (FFF) is an international community that organizes regular meetings and projects for artists, pedagogues, community workers and travelers. Our main goal is expressed by our very name: we make people meet during a festival that changes places and flies from one country to another to connect cultures and share the concept of freedom. The activities of FFF are therefore quite variable: shows, concerts, creation residencies, workshops, popular feasts, community projects, and many others.

All these activities can be described within three fields: artistic and pedagogic research; the organization of performances, exhibitions and workshops from all around the globe; and community work.


Since its foundation in 2014, Flying Freedom Festival organized eleven meetings with research residencies, ateliers with youths and interdisciplinary festival with local and international productions. These meetings took place so far in eight European countries (Estonia, France, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Romania and Slovakia).


The members of FFF are people from the international community who believe that it is important to search for freedom sharing cultures. We believe that our effort will support the development of intercultural exchanges and help people living all around the world in their search for peace.






History of FFF


We met for the first time in autumn 2014 near the border between Poland and the Czech Republic in a project of Erasmus+ as a group of artists who like traveling and exchanging their artistic skills and life experiences. Our common desire to create in liberty, to develop our potential and develop trans-border cultural exchange led us to the foundation of Flying Freedom Festival. Ever since, we have organized a social project in central Europe, eleven meetings in eight European countries, and many small events in between.

But our biggest success relies on bringing more and more people together to join us and share our dream – hundreds of people were actively involved in FFF activities.

For more information about our history, look here.






The future of FFF


Year 2018 will be a great season for FFF. We are planning to repeat a summer project for orphan children in five countries of Central and Eastern Europe. For the first time, FFF will leave Europe and fly to Cambodia for a month to create a show with disabled youths and present it during the international new circus festival Tini Tinu. Finally, FFF is planning to organize meetings in Toulouse (France), Porto (Portugal), Maribor (Slovenia) and Miercurea Ciuc (Romania) for 2019.


Our further goal is to establish regular meetings of artists, pedagogues and social workers all around the world. As a next step, we would like to spread our activities throughout Asia, Scandinavia and South America. Obviously, this kind of cooperation is not possible without the use of modern technologies and we wish to develop a virtual platform to simplify exchange between people.




Waar dient de collecte voor



Why should you contribute?


Three years of regular activities of FFF proved that our community is ready to spread its activities around more and more countries and domains. All the meetings between artists, pedagogues on the one hand, and local, disadvantaged, or disabled communities as well as a large audience on the other hand, showed that the search for common expressions of freedom is currently needed all around the world, regardless of any border. Your contribution will help many people to see the world through somebody else´s eyes, as yourself.

The philosophy of this campaign is to build real relationships through authentic exchange and that is why we have searched for local gifts from all around the world passed hand-to-hand to you. You will receive a gift from one FFF member, made by his hands, maybe his grandma´s hands, for sure heartily given. This exchange will connect all of us forever and open our eyes onto the world.







How will your contribution be used?


The summer project for orphan children should be fully financed by International Visegrad Fund (IVF). We do not ask your contribution for this project.


To realize the other meetings, our essential need is to pay the travels. We are asking for grants to cover other expenses, but our chances to receive financial support from grants grows considerably once we can assure the travel of the participants.


As for the meeting in Cambodia, we ask support from the Czech Embassy and Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF), but this will cover only a part of our expenses. A part of your contribution – 2000 € will be dedicated to cover half of travel expenses for 5 artists and pedagogues from Europe to Cambodia.


To organize meetings in Portugal, Romania and France, we ascribe 1000 € to a project, which will cover travel expenses at least for 5 artists and/or pedagogues.


We will keep 500 € for administrative expenses of FFF and finally, 500 € are reserved as a fee for KissKiss. Total amount received from the campaign will be transfered directly on account the association Flying Freedom Festival, in Czech Republic





thanks again!!!!



The first FFF meeting : Kudowa, Poland




Zoran (puppets and theater director, SLOVANIA) and Annika (social worker, ESTONIA)



Husam and Michal jamming during the second meeting in Poland, March 2015.




Research work on the Epic of Gilgamesh, France, May 2015






Jam Session in Portugal, May 2016. Saga Bjorkund (singer, actress, director, SWEDEN) and Ferran Garrigues (actor and clown ! SPAIN)




Concert and performances in Casa de Horta, Portugal


Refugee_safari_in_casa_da_horta-1511956687 Casa_da_horta8-1511956632


Pufi, elf from Seclerland, Transilvania, produced in Czech Republic 




"Cultural Summer for children in the Middle of Nowhere", August 2016 - V4 countries


Workshjop_kusk-1511957180 Img_7723-1511955460


few laughs catched by the Secular phtographers Kristina and Szilard





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Geschatte levering: februari 2018

ARAB SPICES FROM HUSAM (Jordan)!!! The spices: mother cumin powder, cinnamon, cardamon, galanga, clove, nutmeg, black pepper. Directly delivered by an FFF member in 2018. If you prefer delivery by post, please, send us 5 € more for post expenses.
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Geschatte levering: mei 2018

COCONUT OIL FROM BARA (Cambodia)!!! Coco Khmer is raw, chemical free, virgin coconut oil, entirely hand-made and hand-packaged. Eating it raw or cooked in your favourite meal strengthens inner health while its sweet coconut flavor makes it perfect as a skin cleanser. Directly delivered by an FFF member in 2018. If you prefer delivery by post, please, send us 10 € more for post expenses.
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Geschatte levering: januari 2018

OFF SEASON VACATIONS AT DANIEL´S HOUSE IN PORTO (Portugal)!!! A 6 days´ accommodation for 4 people in Daniel´s family house in Porto.
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