French band, UK gigs

A little boost for La Mouche's UK tour !

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French band, UK gigs

Here's the deal : I am Nicolas Salmon, I am French, I am very keen on music and live performance, and I am organising a short UK tour for a French band in order to complete a training in performance production.


They are called La Mouche, and will be supported by Immigrant Swing (from Bristol).




Their genre ? Hard to describe... Anyway, they are far from common. Here's how they describe themselves :

"Our music is like a contorted puppet, where your knees collide to the beat of a revisited foxtrot. It's the Specials rude boy ska, meeting the White Stripes gritty rock, and smoky fuzzy sounds. It's the Cramps and the B52s meeting Tom Waits and Tim Burton. On stage, it's a festive and macabre furious show."

Listen to their music on their soundcloud.



Quite a challenge, for a beginner like me...


And though, le most difficult part is done, and here are the dates :


- 30/04/16 : Totterdown (the Oxford)

- 03/05/16 : Cardiff (the Gwdihw) FB event

- 05/05/16 : Bristol (the South Bank Club) FB event




Waar dient de collecte voor

A gig firstly means pleasure for your eyes and your ears, and the opportunity to have a good time with friends...

But behind the curtain, that's another story !


Organising a gig means :


- booking venues

- giving a fee for the bands

- promoting (posters, flyers, social networks...)

- logistics (gear on spot)

And for a young Parisian band, you also have to consider expenses for transportation and accomodation...


Without going into details, the whold budget amounts to around £1,000.

But, why fund a gig ?? Of course, the budget relies on selling tickets. But here, the band still needs to get known... The admission will therefore be low (less than £5), and the whole point of crowdfunding is to ensure as many tickets as possible before the gig ! You support my project, and you directly get your ticket for one of the gigs !

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