Financement du Baptiste Stanek 4tet next album

A little donation + a little donation +...= a nice jazz album with a nice team

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Financement du Baptiste Stanek 4tet next album

Why this crowdfunding ? 

During this crazy period, my will of composing and developing my own music was really strong. 

I wanted to discover who I am musically and what I want to say. 

In 10 months, I wrote approximately 20 tunes which refers to a certain time or feeling during this year. 

This music, it's mine and now I want to share it. 


That's why I had the idea to do an album with my dear friends who are : 

Charley Rose, an amazing saxophonist who can do everything, he's a beautiful person. We're sharing lots of things together, he's my colleague, my friend and also my neighbor. 

Paul Brauner, an amazing upright bass player, always happy. A nice meeting of this year at JazzCampus, Basel. He has a big heart and a great musical soul. 

Vaclav Palka, a crazy drummer, an amazing composer.. He's not only one of the best drummer but also one of the funniest. He's a big influence in my music also. 


After the first rehearsal , I was really totally convinced. 

Waar dient de collecte voor

Why do you need this money ? 

Doing an album it's a lot of work. First of all, you need to record it in a professional studio. Then, mix and master it to have a good sound in your CDs or in internet (Deezer, Apple Music, Youtube, etc...). You also need to work the design. As some of you know, I'm a really bad designer or painter, so I'll work with a Brazilian friend. She's specialized in collage. 


Finally, when everything is done, you can press the CDs. 


Why this amount of money ? 

Doing an album is expensive... : 

  • 600.- : recording session, mix, mastering 
  • 500.- : CDs pressing 
  • 150.- : SACEM. Indeed, I need to pay the SACEM in France to deposit my tunes
  • 150.- : 8% of my funding goes to Kisskissbankbank for helping me. 
  • 200.- : paying my musicians, they will be here for every rehearsals, one week end in studio, it's mandatory for me to pay them, even if it's a little bit 

What will you do if you obtain more then 100% ? 

If its between 100 and 200.- I'll pay more my musicians. 

If it's more, I'll realize one dream, to press my own record. 

What are we winning in helping you ? 

First, my endless recognition. For a donation of more than 6 euros, you'll receive in your mail box your CD, signed by the all team. 

What will happen with my money if the project fails ? 

If the funding don't pass the 100% before the next 60 days, you will be repaid my Kisskissbankbank. But stay positive..  

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