FUSÉES, a Wine Mook with an Astronomic Twist

Help us launch a magazine that aims at the wine cosmos!

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FUSÉES, a Wine Mook with an Astronomic Twist

Our mission is to take you on a one-year trip to Bordeaux, and meet with the wine people there who put all their passion, hard work, energy and madness into their terroir. Whether they were born here or a thousand miles away. That's what Fusées is about. Enjoy your trip! Cheers!
Halfway between French cult magazine Égoïste and Joakim Eskildsen's The Roma Journeys, Fusées is a 252 pages wine mook intended to be printed once a year on fine Italian paper. Packed with extra-large art photography and lengthy portraits, its focus is on the new wine smugglers – biodynamic winemakers, wine bars with a twist, chefs with attitude. Fusées is self-published, ad-free and without any sponsored content. This kind of editorial freedom comes with a price, but with only one goal: to share the words and work of a bunch of wine passionates devoted entirely to what they do.Fusées is a joint editorial project by war-time reporter Benoit Guenot (Monopole Magazine) and food & bev brand journalist Dante Nolleau (Le Fooding). two suburban Parisians who got struck years ago by Aurélien Lefort, Claude Courtois and Christian Chaussard’s beautiful wines, Paris’ blooming natural wine scene and bistronomic craze, as well as after hours conversations rather not be told here. Both relocated in Bordeaux for family matters, they decided later on to start Fusées (‘Rockets’ in EN) as a way to cast a new light on a wine region in cruel need for an image reboot.For its first vintage, Fusées will take off from Bordeaux, a powerful terroir damaged by years of bad buzz. For most wine lovers, Bordeaux is out of fashion, the symbol of a mondovino full of arrogance, overpriced cabernets and cosmetic oenology. What was true yesterday might be untrue tomorrow. But that’s not our point. Our point is those who change the shape of things, whether winemakers, restaurateurs, expats or outsiders, those who inject a new lifeblood into a vineyard trapped in its traditions and contradictions. In other words, all those who make the wine bigger and livelier.Super heavy weight stuff! 252 pages, 17 topics and 1.5 kilo (so says our printer...) of harvest celebrations, fermentation dilemmas, seaside road tripping, picnics in the vines, serious banquets for serious eaters, after hours drinking, punch-ups, confidences, iconic vintages and pop-up cuvées. And it's all written in French and English!

Introducing: japanese wine-UFO Osamu Uchida, ex-Bristol sommelier Marco Pelletier, SOIF wine bar (and unique kitchen), wine master craftsman Fabrice Domercq, Château Palmer’s head chef Seiji Nagayama, natural godmothers of Haut-Médoc Closeries des Moussis, urban winemaker Laurent Bordes, wine bistro nugget Au Bon Jaja, and many mores...Bordeaux is our base but the wine world is immense. While still digging for the fresh gems of our adopted region, our ambition is to see beyond its appellation areas – Dordogne, Navarra, Catalonia or Roussillon, for example. Apart from the paper edition, we will also explore digital and social channels: Instagram for all the behind the scenes part, a website (https://fusees.co) for unseen content and pics, as well as an e-shop for easy purchase of published (and forthcoming) issues of the magazine, large format photo prints, signature goodies and wine books still in the making...

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  • Stay indie

Fusées is not a “commercial” magazine, in that it sells nothing but itself and the pleasure one can possibly take reading it by the fire in the winter's evenings. It is not funded by advertising, advertorial, brand sponsorship or the Bordeaux Wine Council. That’s probably crazy and utopian, but that’s the only way to start writing with the handbrake off.

  • Stay neutral

Fusées is not a “militant” magazine, il that it stands for nothing but its freedom of speech and its right to tell stories that make sense in the context of our time. Our topics, alone, reflect our values: ethical winemakers, chefs obsessed with the quality and source of their ingredients, wine bars owners struggling to keep their wines accessible to all.

  • Stay clean

Fusées cannot be self-funded. Our editorial culture is printed on beautiful paper, one that resists the passage of time. Even on a crazy lucky poker night, the printing costs involved - high hand paper, sewn square back, HUV offset to ensure perfect black rendering - are too high for a self-published project. This is the reason for this crowdfunding campaign.We’ve been working on this for 12 months now, that’s a complete vintage with those who make the Bordeaux wines more human and livelier. Thast’s 50 hours of interviews to derush, 10,000 photos to sort and 500,000 written signs to combine. A big job, but Fusées #1 is finalized and ready to launch! It just needs your help to reach the print shop...

With 20,000 €, we can finance 75% of the printing costs for 2,000 copies of the magazine. To finance the rest, Dante sells his 1979 Fiat Spider 124 CS2 with a caramel body and a cream soft-top ; Benoit sells his beloved Armand Rousseau’s Chambertin magnum, a rare book by photographer Paolo Pellegrin and a copy of French comic book Les Triplés autographed by Nicole Lambert...

With 25,000 €, we can finance 75% of the printing costs, along with a fair part of the distribution (ISBN number, shipping costs, bookstores commissions), the financing of some rewards (photo prints, silkscreened tote bags...) and the wages of our talented graphic designer.

With 30,000 €, we can finance 100% of the printing costs and get ready for take-off!

With 35,000 €, you put us in orbit by financing all printing costs, as well as a fair part of the distribution costs, the rewards and the wages of our graphic designer. Thanks to you, Dante keeps his convertible at home, and Benoît can sleep happily next to his Burgundy wine and his books...
Thank you for your attention, for your interest in this project and, by advance, for your precious support.

The Fusées Team.

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