Gatos do Mar e "La sindrome di Wanderlust"

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Gatos do Mar e "La sindrome di Wanderlust"

Gatos do Mar is an eclectic trio composed by Annalisa Madonna (voice), Gianluca Rovinello (Harp) and Pasquale Benincasa (Drums). 

Gianluca and Annalisa met in 2012; brought together by the love for Brasilian saudade and blues, they start their trip listening the call of the sea, traveling across the oceans of jazz and folk music, bossanova and fado. 

After two years of concerts in Italian clubs and public houses and the featuring in the album “Io pretendo dignità” produced by Amnesty International, the band record “La Zattera”, their first album, forewarned by the single “Salamastra”.

In 2016 the drummer Pasquale Benincasa join the band, bringing about his huge baggage of sounds and colors.

“La Zattera” (that means “raft”) travels across Italy collecting 90 concerts in 2 years, performing in important stages such as the Napoli Teatro Festival, the Pausylipon Festival, the Otto Jazz Foundation and the Bellini Theatre of Naples.  

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“La Sindrome di Wanderlust” is the second album by Gatos do Mar, that the band is now recording at "The Writing Room Studio" of Antonio Fresa in Naples, Italy.

After the experience of the shipwreck in “La Zattera”, their first album, after four years the band arrives to Mashalaima, the unknown island, home of lost musicians from everywhere around the world who traveled across the oceans of music. 

This crowdfunding purpose is to help the band to finalize the production of the album set for May 2019 by offering reward of different kind.

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