Geyster - New Album & Music Video

Geyster will release his new album in October 2014. We need your help to promote it and make its release a success...

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Geyster - New Album & Music Video

We need your help to release and promote our new album !




Geyster's new (and seventh) album will be released this october.


It will be a double album (20 new songs) covering a wide range of styles (pop music, funk, rock, folk, jazz, westcoast...), but always blended with this indefinable "Geyster's touch" that's been there since the very first album in 2003.

The recording will be finished this summer and we'll soon start to work on the artwork.


The first single form the new album is already out, it's called "Do It" and its music video is available on Youtube here: 


Geyster (aka Gaël Benyamin) started his career in 2003 and has released 6 studio albums so far with the name Geyster, covering a wide range of styles. His main influences are The Beatles, but a number of them come also from the 70's and early 80s, in Classic Rock, jazz, westcoast AOR, or funk & soul music. We could mention artists such as Steely Dan, Gil Scott Heron, Led Zeppelin, Herbie Hancock, Billy Joel, The Wings, Hall & Oates,...  


His first single "Bye bye Superman" was a frenchtouch hit in 2003. It was co-produced (along with the whole first album) with Joachim Garraud. You can check it our here:

His previous album released last year is called "Down On Broadway" and is much more rock-oriented. It features a classy westcoast ballad called "Jane", you can check it out here:


You can also check out our Soundcloud account, which features quite a good number of our productions, here:

And our Youtube channel, which also features a wide range of our work, here:


The plan here is to have a real budget in order to release the new album in the best conditions, which means to be able to shoot a second music video for our second single (the first one is the song "Do It" and it is already available on youtube) and also establish a promotion plan with different tools:

-hiring a musical agent

-buying some commercial spaces in magazines and on the Internet

-organize a showcase in Paris...

All this in order to make the album a success !


So we'd be so honored and happy to have you onboard in the team, and make this new album an exciting adventure where every participant will be rewarded in the end...

Waar dient de collecte voor

We will already invest a lot of money on our side in the release of the album. But a little help from you financially speaking will dramatically help us to reach our goals which are: 


1/ FINANCING the album release which should cost a total sum of 6000 euros:


- CD & (double) Vinyl manufacturing (3000 euros): We will particularly spend time and money making a nice artwork and multi-page booklets with high quality paper, 180 grams vinyl cut (in order to render the best sound quality), etc...


- Promotion budget (3000 euros): Hiring a musical agent / Buying some commercial spaces in magazines / Use efficient web tools / Organize a showcase in Paris / Print some flyers, t-shirts, etc...


2/ FINANCING a music video for the new single, which costs a total sum of about 3000 euros:


- Pay for the production of the video (rent some equipment, pay the film director, the cameraman,...)


Of course, 4000 euros would already be a tremendous boost to achieve what we have in mind, but keep in mind that more money means more promotion, more gigs, more music videos, etc... So, well, you know :)


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