GleamCode, mon jeu pour apprendre à coder

Help us make this Arduino kit to create bright moving images. Yes, it can be fun to learn how to code!

GleamCode, mon jeu pour apprendre à coder

Children daily use and abuse of digital objects, but do they only know how they work? Is it magic that allows me to play or chat with my friends? What is there behind these familiar machines? Code, code and code!


Without necessarily controlling it, understanding the code will allow children to better understand this new digital world around them.




En tant que créateur de jeux pégago-ludiques pour les enfants, Gleamcode s'inscrit dans le cadre d'un programme beaucoup plus vaste que nous lancerons cette année : code-décode

(coder pour apprendre à créer, coder pour apprendre à décoder), qui inclut :

- des ateliers pour les enfants s'inspirant des "coding gouters", moments de partage parents-enfants pour apprendre ensemble à créer et programmer

- la création de modules numériques pour découvrir le code seul à la maison, ou en ateliers


As the creator of fun games for children, Gleamcode is part of a much larger program that we are launching this year : code-decode (code to learn how to create, code to learn how to decode), which includes:

- Workshops for children inspired by "coding gouters", sharing moments between parents and children to learn together to create and code - The creation of digital modules to experiment coding at home alone, or through workshops



One of our workshops


Our belief?

The fundamentals of programming can (and should) be addressed by young people: if it's fun to play with a sophisticated game, it is even more exciting (and interesting) to create yourself. Our ambition? Invite children to master the digital, to go from being a "consumer-user-clicker follower" to that of creator player (capable of understanding, choosing and creating with digital tools).


What led us to imagine Gleamcode?

- The ability to display the results of a coded program ... in real life, which is very effective with children. - Both retro (LED) and futuristic (I code my light) sides of a customizable connected object. - The mix: a physical object to show its graphic designs, an app for learning



What is the Gleamcode kit ? - An Arduino kit, fun tool for youth (from 7 years) to learn the basics of programming.

A customizable object pretext to program and create. - Gleamcode =     * a bright LEDs up to 256 colors (connected to the computer via USB cable)     * a sensor and an accelerometer    * an online app: the child can simply program its Gleamcode to create bright images and simple animations.    * a platform to share her creations.








With my Gleamcode, I can - while learning to program : - Create bright images and animated pixel art - send messages: a beating heart, a LOL, exit ... - Divert Gleamcode to a stromboscope, a beacon, communicate Morse, indicate the day temperature / weather day or when I received a message (with web link USB cable) ... Now the question is : what image are you going to create with your Gleamcode?


What do we learn ?

- That anyone can learn to create encoding. - What a statement, a control structure, iteration ... are - How to control a device from the computer We create, we play, we share!


It's hard to keep it simple! Code is sometimes complicated. We want to keep it simple here. Funny. Beautiful.




Wat does Gleamcode mean ? Gleam = glow, shine, shine GleamCode = o Switch gleams with code o Turn in you the fire of coding


Who is it ? A good mix...





Commands a team of Tralalere (experts in e -education since 2000 that put new media at the service of transmission) : Deborah Elalouf (whose current hobby is to launch a major program to introduce children to the digital in general and code in particular) , Sylvie Tissot (a great developer who initiated Tralalere's coding workshops), Thomas Bourguet (who plunged into the adventure ), Jean -Michel Lasausa ( graphic facilitator always ready for digital creation of all kinds ) ...


Tralalere, spécialisée en ingénierie pédagogique, supervise le projet, elle concevra et réalisera notamment l'appli, qu'elle déploiera sur le terrain lors d'ateliers avec ses partenaires.

Auparavant, Tralalere avait rencontré Thierry Vieville et avec lui l'Inria (-> lancement en commun un gros projet national pour initier tous les jeunes au code) et plein de partenaires inspirants ou inspirés sur le sujet.L'Inria fera le développement informatique du proglet.

Notamment Feroz Mohamad et Mehdi Rouichi de O-labs (spécialisés dans les Objets Communicants), qui conçoivent et réalisent la partie physique de Gleamcode.

Et , co-fondé par Loguy (directeur artistique et designer, ex-DA d'OWNI) et Frédéric-Alexandre TALEC, pour donner forme à Gleamcode.


Tralalere will design and implement the app , it will deploy it on the ground though workshops and partners. Previously, Tralalere had met with Thierry Vieville INRIA and its inspiring partners. Inria will IT development the proglet. Feroz and Mohamad Mehdi Rouichi from O-labs ( specializing in Communicating Objects) produce the physical part of Gleamcode.

Finally BOT42, co- founded by Loguy (art director and designer, ex- DA OWNI ) and Frederick Alexander TALEC, to shape Gleamcode.


How is it made ?

Each kit is assembled by hand with love in a Paris-based studio.

It includes an array of LEDs in which you can draw giving LED orders. It has a push button ( to display a picture when pressed) . A web interface is used to program , the object is connected by a USB cable. Can be programmed designs ("moves up 4 left and 3 down lights and LED") . One can make use of already made drawings (small library of creations).



The principle: 



Waar dient de collecte voor

Crowdfunding will enable us to create the web interface and build the first 100 physical kits, and the experience in workshops.  

We need your help to: - go from a handyman kit to a beautiful simple, effective game. - Launch the first orders. We would like Gleamcode not to be too expensive. And it is easier to convince partners having the game in his hands. For that, we need you to order plenty :)


Dear first supporters, we expect your comments!

Depending on your feedback, the design is likely to change.

We can not wait to see what you create with Gleamcode.

Images and animations. And perhaps more: some of you may divert Gleamcode, that will also be made ​​to ensure that our fans can easily learn and add adds-ons ! In fact : - With € 18 000, the project is born and we can make a hundred gleamcodes - With € 25 000, we can manufacture 200 Gleamcodes and develop our workshops with partners. - With € 50 000 € we could industrialize Gleamcode - Above 75 000 € we can develop new versions of gleamcode with new sensors and new features

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