4 reasons this street wear brand can change lives.


Het project van A tot Z


On the EJF* video : you saw model Lily Cole visit the factory were the teeshirts/sweatshirts will be produced.


Here is my project with my own designs:


 29144_123646904314287_100000069341470_335112_8078361_n   The famous entrepreneur/ex world skateboard champion/environmentalist/ wearing one of my teeshirt visuals. Proud :D <3


With him in Paris for the 25th Anniversary of the first brand he created. Thank God I changed looks ! Awful  haircut I know ! ;)


*please note that I have no ties with EJF.

Hier dient het geld voor...


Drawing of  a little polish girl by me

To Launch a collection requires much more than 1000.

If my project receives more money then the minimal amount I have set as a goal to make sure I at least get something to start on: set up a webshop and have a real fall/Winter collection along with sweatshirts and lets dream go forward with my knitted jumpers with recycled wool also better for your health and saving some poor sheeps.


I would also like  go to uzbekistan to take (positive-no pathos) portraits of the children disguised as what they would like to become when they grow up for a combined teeshirt/print serie. (let's stay in the dream ) by a portable lighting kit to take professional portaits on the go. 


500  : Running tests.  

450 : 100 organic teeshirts shipped from Holland (produced in India in carbon neutral+fair factory) +shipping+

800 : 6 color serigraphy

100 : KKBB fee+bank fee

1500: Elinchrome Portable Lighting set 

These teeshirts will be exclusively made for the campaigns. 


Fashion_victimmlla-MLLA graffiti


My name is MLLA. I studied Photography in Brussels after briefly studying at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels, Belgium. My portraits have been published every months or so in ELLE magazine's blog from 2006 to 2008. (Belgian edition). I got commissioned to make some photographs for the high end eco-friendly brand Collection-PAS. The... Meer bekijken