Great White Death EP2

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Great White Death EP2

It seemed like we were hibernating.


In reality we were working hard.


In the summer of 2016 we went far out of the city for a week made of sleepless nights and experimentations, from which six songs emerged.





Our faces at the end of the week...


But the whole process really started months before with a writing and arrangement phase in pre-production.




All intense work deserves a reward...


Once we selected the final songs from our numerous demos (from which we will extract a secret EP, that you can take away as a reward!), it was time to record. We settled in a real haunted mansion in Nivelles.




Well, we indulged...





Noé in his works...





   One of our rare breaks....                                           



After one of the most intense weeks of the band, the instrumentals were done! Next up were the vocals, recorded at the edge of the Sonian Forest.




Faking Oasis together.   



And finally, the (almost) last (but not least) step, mixing, done the living room of our sound engineer's parents!






We also had the pleasure of recording our friend, composer, improvisator and saxophonist Maïa Blondeau as a guest.




Here in concert with us at the Garcia Lorca, © ManuGo Photography (To see this image and other in higher quality, go to



And to finish it all of, we had the chance to have our friend Victor Outters (Elefant & Castle) do the mastering.



Next comes the promoting phase!


Mouna de Waele made us a first clip with archive footage:



(with the famous saxophone solo)



and then the DIY and retro « Samedi »:




All that there's left to do is put the EP out! And here is where we need you!

Waar dient de collecte voor

We need you.


We didn't want to just release the EP in our corner. From the beginning we've seen and thought it as a collective work. Mixing, recording, artwork, clips: we called on young artists and talented technicians, full of audacity and a strong vision.


We think of our project not as isolated or lost in, but as totally interconnected with its environment, its city, and the great issues of our time. In addition to the production costs, we would like to organize not a night out but a MINI FESTIVAL of two nights, which we also want to our image: mixed, inclusive, fluid, radical and sensitive. To carry a clear message of love to this small community of the future that is being built in front of our eyes. To this are added two music video projects, by Anouk Boyer-Mazal and Elias Jenkins (aka DJ BeepBoop).


But we need you to make this fantasy a reality!




- EP procudtion (recording, editing, mixing, mastering): 52%

- Pressing : 6%

- Visuals/artwork (shooting, cover picture): 12,5%

- Music videos to come: 7,5%

- Release party : 14%

- KissKissBankBank Tax: 8%






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