Grottocenter: the 21st century caving database

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Grottocenter: the 21st century caving database

Grottocenter is a worldwide database of the caving world developed by and for cavers around the world The site is maintained by the Wikicaves association which has been running the project since 2013.

Today, version 2 of the program, under free license, contains information and documents on nearly 60,000 caves and 2000 organizations, which were provided by more than 4,000 individuals, but also over 100,000 bibliographic records  of the BBS. Thanks to the funding contributed by the Swiss Speleological Society and by the French Federation of Speleology, witch allow you to enter the bibliographic records of the BBS directly on Grottocenter. We want these bibliographic records to be associated with files but also with caves, organizations, ranges or cavers, in order to offer all the features that we expect from Grottocenter in its latest version .

This is the objective of this project and the reason for this fundraising .

Waar dient de collecte voor

What will your donation be used for?

Target € 3,700

If we manage to collect this amount, the goal is reached and we can pay Clément ( our contract developper)  From September onwards ,  he will develop the software in order to upgrade to the new version and replace the current version. Everyone will at last be able to create cave entries, edit and update information, associate them with documents, ranges and organizations!  

If the amount collected exceeds this amount, we will be delighted  and will add two additional goals:  

Target € 5,900

If the donations reach this sum, we are planning to set up the option for everyone to follow the changes made: therefore we will be able to keep track of who provided the information, who contributed, when and we will be able to assess the relevance of the contributions more accurately . This is a feature that has been requested by users for some time and we would be very happy to be able to offer it now.  

Target € 11,400

We would then be able to offer a tool allowing people with an account to chat (email addresses would be hidden of course ), ask fellow cavers for their opinion or advice, get in touch with the club that rigged or explored a particular cave etc. We really hope we will be able to offer you this service, which would be so useful.  

And beyond ?

You choose and tell us what would be useful for you: Being able to use Grottocenter on your phone offline? The ability to import data collections and compare this information with what already exists to avoid duplicates? Do your topography survey online? Collect sensor data?


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