Guitar Cook Book !

Guitar addict ? Music theory, chords, scales and wonderful guitars : the Guitar Cook Book needs your support !

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Guitar Cook Book !

More than 120 scales and modes, in every key and every position on the guitar neck, harmonized in chords, without having to read sheet music. You are a beginner or pro guitar player, support this fund rising and you will receive your copy of the Guitar Cook Book, you sure will find new things to learn and will see beautiful guitars ! In English and French.




The history of the Guitar Cook Book:

Guitar is the passion that has always driven me. Passion for the instrument, the object, but also for practicing: a fun daily challenge. 

This passion I share with thousands of people around the world. Some of them were lucky to follow a classical conservatory training, others, like me, have chosen (or not) to learn by themselves how to make this instrument resonate. 

For them, the road is a bit steeper : discovering music theory alone without knowing how to read sheet music is a tall order, I know it well. I managed to find in great books (Jacques Siron's "la partition intérieure" for example) the notions of harmony, intervals and chords, but had a hard time deciphering sheet music notations.


During these last years, I worked on writing a book with the methods and principles I used to teach myself. Apart from building chords, knowing your guitar neck, discovering common and exotic scales and chords, what differentiates « the Guitar Cook Book » from other books is what the selftaught guitar player misses the most : getting to understand the relation between chords and scales. In this book, chords and scales are presented together : the reader can instantly put into practice the principles of harmony, and start improvising or compose.




What about the guitars? 

Guitar geek as I am, I want to share the pleasure of beautiful things, beautiful guitars.  a company of high-end French luthiers had the great kindness to accept that I use photos of their instruments to illustrate my book. So you will enjoy the view of a few of today's finest guitars as you practice.









Thank you for your help ! Shwing !


Waar dient de collecte voor

Today, the Guitar Cook Book already exists as a digital book  but the practice and study of guitar lacks the feel and comfort of paper. It deserves to be printed with a good binding and to be shipped all around the world!




This funding will be used to pay for printing and binding the first copies of the book (about 560 €). Spiral binding (wire’o) to open and manipulate the Guitar Cook Book in all directions, thick cover and quality paper for a lifetime as long as the practice requires it are on the menu.

This funding will also pay for the cost of international shipping (the book is written in French and English) for sending the first copies to you, dear first readers (about 360 €).

…and it will cover Kisskissbankbank fees (about 80 €).


Once this first print made thanks to your help, the sale of the first copies will fund printing the following, and the Guitar Cook Book will pay for itself for the rest of its life.

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