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Support the production of "From The Sky 2" 2020.

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High Pressure Aviation Films

After 7 years of aviation movies, we celebrate with 2 collector sets with our videos and exclusives contents. The goal is simple : to provide you with quality rewards, and to be able to produce a long-awaited film ... "From The Sky 2".

The "Metal Edition" and the "Wood & Canvas Edition", each paying tribute to the glorious history of aviation. In an ecological approach, everything was designed and assembled in Europe, with recyclable materials. In numbered and limited quantity.

Each Edition will have a 20x15cm Dibond Auminium photo frame printed in Ultra HD.

The Metal Edition includes a "Mach 2" High Pressure bracelet, handcrafted in the Aerodesign Ateliers from a flight control cable. And also a 5x5cm real piece of Boeing 747 (Picture not available yet).

For the first time you will have all our videos : "Music & Aviation", "Landings", "Takeoff", + exclusives never revealed ones.

EXCLUSIVITIES : "TakeOff Los Angeles HDR",  "Flight Lapse 2", "Flowing 3 Hong Kong","Pilote Orchestral Edition" and many more!



Waar dient de collecte voor

100% Success of the campaign: we can finance the project and start production in November for deliveries in December.

150% : We can also donate to SSNAM, an association for the service of orphans in commercial aviation and add exclusives contents. 

200% : We will be able to produce "From The Sky 2" !

At "High Pressure", we have always refused commercial publications on our social networks. All our films have been produced with passion, and a lot of system D. For the first time in our history we call on you to go further! Talk about it to your friends!

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