Higher for Rio

Help Fanny Smets, Belgian pole vaulter, to finance her journey towards the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro !

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Higher for Rio

"Losers find excuses, winners find a way"





At the age of 20, after a gymnastics carreer, Fanny wanted some change and decided to try out athletics, especially pole vault.

She quickly grew up to the top, improving the national records 7 times and collecting an impressive total of 9 national titles. 



Fanny has been dedicating her life to sports since she graduated as a doctor in Medicine in 2012.

She always kept looking forward even in hard times and despite the many setbacks an athlete can encounter.

Her hard work and determination have now lead her as close as it can get to her olympic dream.


Show her your support and give her the last kick to improve her personal best from 4m40 to 4m50, the olympic qualification standard.


Stay tuned on www.fannysmets.be for the latest news !



Waar dient de collecte voor

Because achieving a dream requires hard work, talent and dedication but also a solid financial support ! 


By financing my campaign you'll contribute to the following essentials : 

- Coaches salaries = 1600€

- New vaulting material (tape, magnesium, poles' transport bag) = 300€

- Preparation training camp (flight, accomodation,pole vault transport,...) = 1500€

- Transport costs to the training and competitions (I drive 50.000km/year) = 2100€

- Staying in Vught (Netherlands, where I stay 3days/week for my jumping sessions)= 500€


" A dream without a plan is just a wish" 




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