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Hika change de Cap

<p>Sailor, welcome to our ship, &ldquo;Le Cap&rdquo;!&nbsp;<br /> <br /> We are intend to take you on a most memorable expedition! Indeed, with all the crew, we have decided to go in search of these sailors of the active life, who braved winds and tide in search of a professional eldorado!&nbsp;<br /> <br /> Bankers turned humorists, consultants reconverted bodybuilders, lawyers becoming Yoga teachers, I take you to meet these courageous people who have completely gone off the beaten track and have freed themselves from conventions to pursue their childhood dream, I take you to meet those who have changed Cape!&nbsp;<br /> <br /> &nbsp;</p> <p>Our goal is to discover these colorful characters, understand their journey and tell their story in order to inspire the 20-35 year-olds constantly questioning their career path.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>I want to show them, and myself for that matter, that there are numerous ways of professional development!</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>These meetings will take the form of fifteen minutes video episodes, broadcasted on platforms such as Youtube.&nbsp;They will begin with a dynamic animated introduction tinged with humour presenting the guest as well as his academic and professional background.<br /> <br /> <br /> This will be followed by an interview during which we will be able to discover the undersides of his reconversion, his state of mind and the reasons that pushed him to change course.&nbsp;Of course, all this, by analyzing the difficulties that he may have faced.&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>And finally, we will finish on an immersion in his new activity.</p> <p><br /> The interview will be informal and filled with a friendly and fun atmosphere, with the aim of discovering, inspiring, and above all making the guest as much as the listeners have a good time.<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <strong>Presentation of the Captain of the ship</strong>&nbsp;<br /> Passing through the benches of the French &ldquo;Classe pr&eacute;pa&rdquo;, then of EMLYON Business School, I began my career in the hotel industry in Paris, then after having fought hordes of pirates in the Caribbean Sea, I made a brief stopover in Miami before a global pandemic forced me to turn back.&nbsp;At the same time, I had the opportunity to discuss with my former comrades in France and more particularly with my sister.&nbsp;Actually,</p> <p>When she told me that after graduated from HEC, and after 5 years of consulting and 2 years of management at C-Discount she decided to do an unpaid internship as a florist, it occurred to me that something was happening in our generations!</p> <p>That&rsquo;s when I decided to change Cape!<br /> <br /> <br /> The Loot&nbsp;<br /> <br /> Dear comrades, we are honored to welcome you to &ldquo;Le Cap&rdquo; crew!&nbsp;And to thank you, we have decided to offer you a host of presents! Public thanks, clothes with the effigy of our ship, portraits of you made by our artist!&nbsp;There will be something for all tastes and especially for all budgets, so join us!</p>

Allocation of funds

<p>Sailor, as I explained earlier, this expedition is expensive and each episode costs us an average of 800 euros!<br /> <br /> - Pre-production (script, storyboard, film preparation, etc.)<br /> <br /> - Production (sound/image/light material, legal authorizations, etc.)<br /> <br /> - Post-production (editing, animation, music, etc.)&nbsp;<br /> <br /> - KissKiss BankBank Commission (8% of campaign result)<br /> <br /> Going on an adventure is not given to all budgets, and without your help, our journey will have to stop sooner than expected... So help us to continue this odyssey, help us to change Cape!</p>




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Cadet, Welcome aboard LE CAP! To thank you for your contribution, we will show your name at the end of every episod in the next season.


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Midshipman, Welcome aboard LE CAP! We'll take you on this ambitious trip and we'll offer you some cool stickers to thank you for your contribution, as well as your name at the end of every episod!


  • 7 contributions
Lieutenant, you take part in the Generosity officers council, so welcome to you on LE CAP! And to thank you for your contribution, we are happy to offer you, as well as many cool stickers and your name at the end of every episod, a crew T-shirt so that you can wiggle on the deck!


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Aye Captain! We are honnored to welcome you aboard LE CAP! You will find in your apartments a package containing several stickers, a crew T-shirt, as well as a wonderful protrait of you created by our artist onboard, Arthur A. You'll be able to decorate your cabin with it!



Vice-Admiral, we are honored to welcome aboard our ship, LE CAP! To thank you for your visit and contribution, we have taken the liberty of offering you a selection of stickers with the blazon of the ship, a crew t-shirt, a portrait of you designed by our artist onboard and finally, a magnificent sailor shirt also decorated with the blazon of our ship. Respectfully The crew of the CAP



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Admiral, we are delighted to welcome you aboard our vessel, LE CAP! To honour your visit, we have taken the liberty of offering you a range of objects bearing the effigy of our precious ship. A string of stickers, a crew t-shirt, a sailor shirt decorated with our colors, as well as a portrait in your honor, made by our artist onboard, Arthur A. Moreover, we would be more than honored to be able to give your name to one of the episodes of the very first season of the CAP. Respectfully, The crew of the CAP

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