Bring the short film "Hors Piste" to the Oscars 2020 !

Help the French student short film with the Oscars campaign.

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Bring the short film "Hors Piste" to the Oscars 2020 !

Hors-piste, a story full of tension, the greatest first aid experts and the merciless dangers of the high mountains. This is one of the most dangerous rescue missions there ever was, but for these two experts, it’s nothing more than a simple routine.

It's a 6 minutes and 1 second short film that features two experienced mountain rescuers trained to handle the most complex situations: Parmesan & Salami.

From left to right: Leo, Loris, Oscar and Camille.

We are a team of 4 former students from the École des NouvelleS Images (ENSI), located in Avignon.

This film is the result of our 5 years of studies and was made from September 2017 to June 2018.

As professional as Parmesan & Salami, making Hors-Piste was very intense for us... Because we'd been grinded to the max day and night!

In a few figures, Hors Piste is:
Hors Piste is also a real field experience...

A deep immersion into nature to capture the precious sounds of the mountain... the soft sound of snow and stones...

Since the film's completion in June 2018, Hors Piste has toured the world to our greatest delight in many festivals, and won incredible awards that we would never have dreamt of from behind our computer screens.

We are very grateful and thank all those professionals who take our film from festival to festival and to the public for their incredible feedback.

The latest award was very encouraging. Hors Piste won a BAFTA in the student animation short film category. An unimaginable prize to the 4 students we were just a year ago.

Last March, Hors Piste won an award at the NY Children Film Festival... An Award that makes our film eligible for the Oscars

Who knew Parmesan & Salami would ever go to Hollywood?

Now that we are eligible for the Oscars, we must campaign to be selected as one of the 10 films on the Oscar shortlist. And that's why we need a little help! :)

In many ways and with whatever budget you may have!

The options of how to get involved and the rewards we offer you as a thank you are on your right :)

You can also help us take our campaign forward by sharing this page on social networks

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Waar dient de collecte voor

To campaign, we have to go from city to city. We are going to present our short film to American professionals during various studio visits. Being there will allow us to gain more notoriety, to be able to answer questions and take interviews but also to meet influential people in the field.

The films in competition with us are made by major animation studios that have more significant funding to finance their marketing campaign.

Le budget d’une telle campagne s’élève à plusieurs dizaines de milliers d’euros. Nous pouvons compter à ce jour sur notre école (l’ENSI) et certains studios professionnels, qui nous accompagnent dans cette belle aventure. Pour boucler le budget,  7 000 € au minimum doivent être trouvés via ce financement participatif.

The budget for this type of campaign amounts to thousands of euros. We have been able to count on our school and certain studios who have been with us on this beautiful journey. We need at raise least 7,000€ (£6,230) via this crowdfunding platform to carry out this campaign.

So if by chance our crowdfunding exceeds this amount, it will allow us to organize more screeningstripsadvertising inserts... And therefore increase our chances of seeing Hors Piste at the 92nd annual Oscars ceremony!

In short, the funding will be used to finance part of our plane tickets, accommodation, on-site travel, advertising inserts and screenings to promote the film, and of course, your superb rewards!

 Here is our provisional schedule:

  1.  From September 30 to October 6, New York.
  2.  From October 6 to October 20, Los Angeles.
  3.  From October 20 to October 24, San Francisco.
  4.  From October 24 to October 31, Vancouver.
  5.  From November 1st to November 15th, Paris.
  6.  From 15 November to 31 November, United Kingdom.


 Thank you very much and see you soon! :)


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