Hot Fish

This is not just a "Fish and Chips" this is the new wave of freshness to Nancy's fast food market.

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Hot Fish

Fish and Chips is England's national dish. If you have ever visited England or Australia, you'll know the basic concept, but you don't know Hot Fish.







Hot Fish is the creation of a relaxed « British » atmosphere in Nancy, which proposes a new type of cuisine to the current choices on offer.


We will offer our customers high quality fish from the North sea, freshly delivered twice a week with a choice of cod, merlan and a catch of the week.


Each fillet will be coated in a delicious thin, crispy batter with a choice of flavours from classic to spicy. Of course we haven't forgotten the chips, which will be freshly homemade every morning, with a choice of fat English chips vs. skinny french fries, and potato or sweet potato.




There will be a special "menu" offer, with all different combinations possible. But Hot Fish goes even further. We are taking the idea of "fish fingers" to the next level, offering all types of fish on offer with any mix of batter desired. The fingers are even possible in a share menu with the whole family or a group of friends. For those wanting a lighter option, then the fish wrap with salad is perfect.




Whats more, there will be all the favorites such as onion rings, calamari, baked beans, mushy peas, but also seasonal salads, coleslaw and even deep fried veggies on offer.


Hot Fish will of course offer home made sauces - tartare sauce, mayonnaise, curry sauce (except ketchup because we haven't quite cracked the Heinz recipie!)




There will be a selection of English drinks (Ribenna, ginger beer, elderflower pressé...) and even deep fried mars bar chunks for the real adventurers!


Hot Fish will of course be continuing a very British tradition of:



                                     " You can't have a great Fish and Chips without a great beer!"


Thats why we will have a fresh beer on tap, a fruity white wine, or a crispy cider to complete this fresh, flavoursome meal!


Hot Fish will be opening the first Fish and Chips restaurant at 17 rue de la Visitation, right in the heart of Nancy. 

Our aim is to cook with the freshest products coming from local suppliers, and to offer these homemade produts which will in turn help the local economy.


As a final note: The French have a very bad opinion of English cuisine, thinking that Fish and Chips is "sympa mais trop gras" (nice but too fatty) so here are some comparisons to take away with you:


1 Portion of Fish + Chips = 19,4 grams of fat.

1 Big Mac = 29,4 grams of fat.

1 medium Domino's pizza = 79 grams of fat.

1 Kebab =100grams of fat.

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Our aim is to provide nancy with the freshest most delicious chips on the market!


The people of Nancy aren't going to believe there taste buds when the try our homemade chips, double cooked for a crispy outer layer and a melt in the mouth inside. With  the choice between skinny french fries or fat english chips, and even sweet potato, the decision is going to be too hard for just one visit! 


But to achieve this we have 2 main steps:


Step 1: Finalise the delivery from our local farmers to keep it fresh! (because nothing is frozen or pre-cooked at Hot Fish)


Step 2: Prepare the chips using two machines in a special "chip preparation" room.


We are already negociating with our suppliers, but we need your help for the second step:

Buying the machines from England and preparing the room to install them.



Firstly we must peel the potatoes: 

1,500 euros





Next the potatoes must be cut to size (depending on your personal tastes): 





Thes two machines will be house in a hygenic preparation room, which will be situated in our 40m2 storeage room. To achieve this we have some building work to do, installing water and electricity connections.


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