Hot Gully Wind - Les Grys-Grys à travers l'Europe

Help us to produce a documentary film about Les Grys-Grys, rythm&blues band, touring all around Europe.

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Hot Gully Wind - Les Grys-Grys à travers l'Europe


Cardboard coffins ripping apart, ecstatic crys of amps with holes in the them, screeching tires of a mountain bike : English-style blues-rock is alive and well, Les Grys-Grys brought it back from the dead and intend to spread their voodoo into the darks of squats in the bowels of Europe.




                                                    "Blouson Noir et Boudin Blanc" - Canal B 


In November 14, in a journey across Europe, the band will visit 9 different cities through 6 country, play in 2 festivals, differents bars, clubs and basements in Prague, Hambourg and Brussels. They will go from squat places to italian ski resort, crossing Les Alpes in their mini-Van till the north sea, for a two weeks tour.


You don't plan to be in Germany at the beggining of November? We have the solution. All along the travel, several cameras will tape the concerts, and the life of the band, to make the very first movie about them.


Documentary about the tour as much as a retranscription of a certain state of mind, Hot Gully Wind

sprouted as a project in the mind of Joachim, long-time friend of the group, who follows and films Les Grys-Grys since their beginning in 2010.






3 cameramen and a sound recordist will follow Les Grys-Grys' van along the 8 stops of their tour. Froms the bars of Leipzig to the streets of Roubaix, from improvised concerts to the stages of festivals, we won't miss a thing of the energy transmitted.


Images et excerpts from the concerts will be regularly posted on the internet. Staying true to the band's spirit, we will exclude no format (Super 8, DV, HD, …)




The finishing results will be a film about the ON as much as the OFF, and reproduce the atmosphere of electric whirlwind that is the music of Les Grys-Grys. 







Jochim, filmmaker and director of photography knows Les Grys-Grys from a long time ago. He is the  one who first got the idea to make a real documentary project about them. For years he used to shoot concerts with his cellphone and dv cameras. He wants to take advantage of this new tour to release a full movie. 





Victor is an actor, graduated from Conservatoire Nationale de Théâtre de Montpellier. He also got a formal sound designer education. He will take care of sound recording during the tour. He knows Les Grys-Grys since they settled in Montpellier couple of years ago.




Boris is one of the creator of  Les Films Invisibles, the first film production compagnie around Alès. He directed (with Cizia Hugon) a feature documentary, Manila, shot in the Philippines. The compagnie is based in Alès, "birthplace" of Les Grys-Grys.  








The journey consists in 8 concerts + the possible improvised set the band will give during their leisure time. 


The tour begins in Montpellier October the 30th


-  30 Octobre :   Nice (France)  Concert avec Les Playboy  "Volume"


- 1er Novembre :  Lavarone (Italy)  aux "All Saints Mod Holidays"


- 03 Novembre :  Prague (Czech republic) dans le  festivals "It's not Broken, it's Vintage" at Cross Club


- 04 Novembre  Leipzig  (Allemagne) dans un Squatte ( et oui! )


- 05 Novembre  Hambourg  (Allemagne)   aux "Nachtasyl"


-  06 Novembre  Helmond (Pays-Bas) "Muziekcafé"


-  07 Novembre Bruxelles (Belgique ) "DNA"


-  08 Novembre Roubaix (France) aux "Vintage Weekender"


-  09 Novembre Paris (France) à "la Mécanique Ondulatoire"






                                  " Vintage weekender " ROUBAIX       800x600_roubaix-vintage-weekender-3502-1412192235



                                                   " Lavarone "  ITALIE Lavarone-1412089942



                                     " Mécanique ondulatoire" PARIS



                                                  "Nachtasyl" HAMBOURG Nachtasyl-1412215362

                                                    "DNA" BRUXELLES


Waar dient de collecte voor


Les Films Invisibles provides 3 cameras, their sound equipment, and their post-production facility.


The remaining costs are mostly about the travelling and accomodation expenses.


750 euros (gasoline and highway taxes)


800 euros (accomodation and food  - 4 people - 13 days in 9 different cities) 


145 euros (comprehensive insurance)                 


160 euros (kisskissbankbank fees)


155 euros (preparing and sending rewards)




What if we get more than we expected ?

Halfway through the end we can already start to think about it, thanks to you ! 


If ever we get more founds, we will use the money to rent hostel room and appartements to shoot Les Grys-Grys in unusual situations. At least one or two differents concerts could be set up in those places. 


Anyway, whether we get more than we asked for, it would always be usefull regarding unexpected costs due to travel ! 




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