Hybrid Stereo Parabolic Microphone (HSPM)

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Hybrid Stereo Parabolic Microphone (HSPM)


The idea of creating a large parabola dish is born from my obsession of perfecting bird sound detection. A few decibels can sometimes be decisive in the identification of migrating birds.

Because large parabola dishes cannot be found on the market, I set myself on a path of designing 30 polycarbonate custom-made dishes (the minimum number to order for the making of a specific mold).

After many tests including different 3D modelisations of the various parts and microphones positioning, a functional, market-ready prototype was born.

The target of this presale is 28 dishes. First come, first served basis. 

If more dishes are needed, a second presale will be organized.


The main interest of a parabola dish is to concentrate sound waves on a point, its focus. It amplifies sounds in a way correlated to the dish size. The larger the dish, the greater the amplification.

However, sound detection through parabola dishes is very directional. This could be limitating for specific use, like migration counts: birds rarely fly and call in straight in the dish beam.

From this assessment came several ideas :
- get the biggest parabola dish as possible to allow maximum amplification; the only limitation was to be able to transport it in a car
- get a hybrid system, combining the advantage of a parabola dish with those of a stereo ambiant system, for a better amplification (especially important for migration counts).


The main specificity of this prototype, beyond its size, is its hybrid microphones positioning:

- 2 stereo microphones in the focus, facing the inside and offering a strong amplification and directivity

- 2 microphones outside of the parabola dish, facing the exterior and offering a large stereo ambiant

This positioning gives the parabola dish the advantage of both a parabola and a stereo ambiant system. It is particularly adapted to migration counts, nocturnal or diurnal, but is also perfect for specific recording thanks to its directivity. 


Parabola dish :
thermoformed polycarbonate, a very strong plastic (temperature, UV, impacts, keep its shape)
- thickness 2mm
- diameter 1100mm
- depth 305 mm

Microphones :
- Primo EM272, successor of the EM172, well-know for their high sensibility and reliability
- assembled in stereo 2x2
- 1m cable, jack 3,5mm plug-in-power or 2x XLR Neutrik (please tell in the order what you need)

Microphone support :
- 3D ABS print (strong plastic resisting to impacts, temperatures and UV)
- can be taken apart with a screwdriver for the replacement of a capsule

Handle : 
- 3D ABS print (strong plastic resisting to impacts, temperatures and UV)
- support part for the recorder with a ¼ screw (supplied in the kit)
- the handle is disposed at the gravity center to facilitate the transportation

Fixation pole :
- aluminium 15x15x2mm
- very rigid and resistant (humidity, impacts, temperatures, UV)
- maintain the right position of the microphones in the focus

Tripod support :
- 3D ABS print (strong plastic resisting to impacts, temperatures and UV)
- quick tripod release plate (supplied in the kit) attached to the support and can be taken apart

Windshield :
- Rycote long hair
- custom-made

Assembly :
- assembled from SMX polymeres
- very resistant and durable
- stainless steel screws and bolts
- every parabola is assembled carefully by myself 

Weight :
- 3350 grams

Size :
- 120 x 43,5 centimeters


These recordings have been done with this parabola and a Mixpre 3  :

Marsh Warbler (Maroille, France) https://soundcloud.com/quentin-dupriez/rousserolle-verderolle-chant-aa-bots-mixpre3-maroilles-202005310730

Bluethroat (Maroilles, France) https://soundcloud.com/quentin-dupriez/gorgebleue-a-miroir-chant-aa-bots-mixpre3-maroilles-202005310800

Common Grasshopper Warbler (Maroilles, France) https://soundcloud.com/quentin-dupriez/locustelle-tachetee-chant-aa-bots-mixpre3-maroilles-202005310745


The parabola shape highly focuses sun rays. As a consequence, temperatures can rise at focus and light the windshield or melt the microphone support easily!
Please DO NOT leave the parabola dish faced in the sun during the day!

Construction and delivery time

1 month from the end of the presale for the first 28 pieces, and 2 to 3 months beyond the 28 pieces.


- Full kit, ready to use ;

550€ (all taxes included)

Shipping cost

France : free !

Germany : 39 €

Belgium : 22 €

Spain : 80 €

Italy : 78 €

Luxembourg : 22 €

Netherlands : 29 €

United-Kingdom : 71 €

Other destinations or any question, feel free to contact me : dupriez.quentin@gmail.com

You can also pick it up at my house, at Preux-au-Bois (59288, France) 




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