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The 250-page surf and travel guide to southwest Europe, from French Brittany to Andalusia in Spain and everything in between.

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I Love the Seaside - the surf and travel guide

Thank you, merci, danke, dank je wel, obrigado, gracias. We made it! If you still want to support, pre-order a surf and travel guide or want to choose one of the packages, please let us know, send us an email: info@ilovetheseaside.com



I love the Seaside is created by ocean-loving people for ocean-loving people.

We’re here to inspire so you can go and explore.






I Love the Seaside is a printed 250-page surf and travel guide to Southwest Europe (English language): from Brittany, France, around North Spain and Portugal, to Andalusia. We connect travellers, surfers and locals by pointing out the nicest surf spots, places to hang out and to-dos.




What's included in the guide?


-       Maps

-       Beautiful and inspiring photos

-       Detailed and clear description of surf breaks for all levels

-       Activities (yoga, SUP-tours, biking, wine-tasting, fun & adventurous stuff

         to do with kids, etc)

-       Accommodations for all budgets

-       Surf schools, board rental and repair

-       Interviews with local shapers, artists and entrepreneurs

-       Background stories on seaside and surf history

-       Local food facts and recipes

-       Surf fitness tips and tricks, yoga-related practice


You’ll get a good sense of the vibe, the atmosphere and character of the places, so it’s a good read even before you leave!





Waar dient de collecte voor

It’s an internationally oriented guide, aimed at the growing number of seaside explorers, and their families and friends. We love to be independent, free to choose and share the lifestyle of acting honestly, purely and with the heart. Staying true to this, we love to support the small and local businesses. That’s why we chose to do everything by ourselves; from collecting and connecting, to printing and publishing.




Get involved and become part of the I Love The Seaside connection. Pre-order your guide (and take advantage of our awesome packages) so we can cover the expenses of printing and publishing. The guide will be available from March 2016, let this be your inspiration for your next adventure!







I Love the Seaside is created by a small team of ocean-loving professionals – writers, photographers and designers; passionate about travelling and surfing.




After years of extensive travels and trips along the coastline of southwest Europe, discovering and meeting so many nice, sympathetic and heartwarming people, hardworking entrepreneurs and artists, with surprising initiatives and beautiful places; we felt the urge to connect you, travellers and surfers, with like-minded people and locals, and inspire you to explore more.








Who are we?


Alexandra Gossink – Editor and concept. Between surf trips and travelling as a journalist for newspapers, print and online magazines, she teaches yoga and tries to maintain a healthy, happy lifestyle.


Dim Rooker – Designer and concept. Gets his inspiration from the ocean. Besides designing and working on concepts for local brands and breweries, surfboard builders, books and websites at his harbour office, he loves to take his family on van-adventures and his sons surfing.


Geert-Jan Middelkoop – Production, concept and distribution. Able to do his procurement and consultancy work from the campervan. When he’s not on a surf trip, he’s planning one.


Melchior van Nigtevecht – Photographer. Waterperson, loves to ride waves with anything from hand board to log. Shoots surf and lifestyle pictures for magazines and stock.


Marinus Joris – Photographer. Enjoys surf in and out of the water, camera in hand. Able to capture atmosphere and mood like no other. 


Gail Bennie - Co/Copy-Editor and proofreader. Portugal-based surfer girl from Jersey, working on all sorts of writing projects. Easily distracted by the waves.


Big, big thanks to our partners:

The Old, the Young and the Sea surf documentary,  SEVENTYONE percent sun protection,  Wolf House surf holidaysTicket2Surf surfhousePura Vida Surf LodgeHangloose Campers,  Vida Pura Eco Retreat

Creative producer Alrik SwagermanFrank van Leeuwen editing




Make it all happen by pre-ordering the guide now and benefit from the generous packages from our partners. Thank you so much and see you soon at the seaside!










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