Il Cerro di Montebello

Welcome to Il Cerro Di Montebello, to discover the Tuscan sausages and the Cinta Senese pig!

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Il Cerro di Montebello

Ciao! We are Marco and Manuela, we live in Tuscany since always. I am a farmer and my wife is an exceptional chef. With our daughter Giuditta, we have a project to introduce you and we need you to realize it !

Together we have been developing Soggiorno Taverna Celsa Farmhouse for 10 years. Both a farm and a catering establishment of restoration-hotel, it has been acclaimed by our customers: judge for yourself !

Today we have decided to launch a new project!






We want to develop an organic breeding of pigs "Cinta Senese", a unique breed in the world, you can encounter only in Tuscany !




It is very simple ! Marco, whose father was "norcino", a Tuscan artisan who works the meat, already has a herd of 70 animals.

We want to develop the existing breeding to reach 225 animals and create a shop of exceptional products labeled AB and PDO at an affordable price !


The meat of Cinta senese pigs has excellent organoleptic qualities; it is used for the production of Tuscan cold cuts, according to ancient recipes that our family has been transmitting for several generations.

The meat produced has a unique taste, fine and intense at the same time, the result of outdoor farming and natural nutrition.

You will find all the flavor of a product of excellence and knowledge that need to be preserved !


To realize our project, we found the ideal property in the heart of Tuscany, in the mountainous and wooded soil where the Cinta was born.

It's made of :

  • 20 hectares of oak woods (Cerro in Italian), the ideal environment for the development of our livestock
  • 20 hectares of fields for the cultivation in AB of cereals necessary for the feeding of pigs
  • A red brick building, the famous terra di Siena, which will become the place where products are sold directly and tasted.

We have started the installation on the farm but we need your help to purchase the necessary facilities for the development of the breeding area and the opening of the outlet!



  • Offer the public high-quality Tuscan PDO products
  • Contribute, as we have done for years, to the preservation and enhancement of this breed and the biodiversity of our terroir.

We are convinced that excellence and quality are required every day, at every meal, that a different agriculture that respects nature is possible.

We are the ambassadors of this environmental, gastronomic and cultural heritage, help us to safeguard it and to perpetuate it from father to daughter !

Waar dient de collecte voor

We need € 48,000 to finance part of the step 2 of our project.

Developing the rearing area to accommodate the livestock and its development.
Total €30,000

  • €10,000 to realize big fences on several hectares of forest for our pigs.
  • €10,000 for the realization of a tunnel-hut for the individual boxes of the sows during the birth and lactation of the piglets
  • €2,000 for the realization of wooden huts in the enclosures to shelter the pigs
  • €8,000 for the purchase and installation of agricultural equipment for the collection and supply of livestock water

Opening of the shop, to offer tastings and sales of cured meats from Cinta Senese PDO.
Total €18,000

  • €10,000 renovation of sanitary facilities in the sales room
  • €8,000 for the purchase of a refrigerated showcase and cabinets and the necessary furnishings for the tasting area



Do not hesitate to contact us for more information at the email address

We will be happy to answer you and exchange with you!

N.B .: For the delivery of the products, since these are international shipments it will be necessary to anticipate an additional cost ( €15 for UE and €25 for other country). We will also be very happy to meet you and to thank you in person, if you wish to come and pick them up at the farm !


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