Impact Journalism Day 2014

Take part in a unique event bringing together international media to talk about concrete solutions to today’s global pressing issues!

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Impact Journalism Day 2014


You believe we talk too much about problems in the media? What if we could encourage them to focus on solutions more often?


We decided to take up the challenge of bringing together the editors-in-chief of the biggest international newspapers to share innovative solutions that can change the world. 


Impact Journalism Day is a press event created by Sparknews. We gather editorial boards from across the world to publish - on the same day - a news supplement dedicated to positive and innovative solutions that make the world a better place.


This year, we already convinced 40 editors-in-chief and their newspapers. All we need is you to join this adventure!


IN 2013 :

Sparknews launches the first annual Impact Journalism Day. 22 leading newspapers from across the world answer our call and publish a supplement that focuses on concrete solutions to today’s pressing issues. For the first time, media from all continents unite to participate in an unprecedented operation. Thanks to them, 50 million readers discovered how an Afghan designer invented a device destroying landmine with wind force, how blind women track down breast cancer or how the inhabitants of Totnes, England decided to take action regarding their energy strategy...





The second edition of Impact Journalism Day will take place on September 20th, 2014. This year Sparknews will extend the partnership to 40 leading newspapers in 40 countries, among which: 


- Le Monde in France

- La Presse in Canada 

- The Times of India in India 

- El Watan in Algeria

- Le Soir in Belgium

- Excelsior in Mexico

- The Straits Times in Singapore 

- La Stampa in Italia

- The Daily Nation in Kenya

- The Nation in Nigeria

The Nation in ThaïlandePele_mele__1_

- City Press in South Africa

- Politiken in Denmark

- L’Actu et Mon Petit Quotidien in France

- The Daily Star in Bangladesh

- La Tercera in Chili

- Luxemburger Wort in Luxembourg

- Gazeta Wyborcza in Poland






On that day, 100 million readers will be able to discover 101 positive and innovative projects with high social impact. Imagine the impact for the project leaders and for you, readers, who will enjoy a supplement full of inspiring stories and solutions that are changing the world.


We do believe we can change the way media report the news and make September 20th the day during which the news will make you want to ACT and believe in the FUTURE.


Our media partners showcase Impact Journalism Day. However, Sparknews still has to track down innovative initiatives worldwide, and bring the whole project into being.


This great mission can only be accomplished with your precious contribution. So if you also believe that journalism can be a leading strength for change, SUPPORT Impact Journalism Day! Together we can revolutionize behaviors, and this is beautiful.  



Impact the life of 100 million people, including yours!

Share ideas of those who inspire you!



With Impact Journalism Day, we hope to broadcast on a wider scale these innovative solutions to current issues.


This event aims at shifting behaviors in our society and the way we view the media.

This is what Sparknews calls IMPACT JOURNALISM: promoting journalists’ “double impact” mission:


●     a 1st impact when the media informs us against injustices -> they alert us.


●     a 2nd impact when the media enlights us on existing solutions to these problems -> they give us the means to act. 


From this perspective, we want to bring together editorial boards worldwide before expanding to televisions and radios.




Social entrepreneur Christian de Boisredon creates Sparknews in 2012. 

Sparknews is a social start-up that uploads solution-sharing videos and social initiatives emerging worldwide, online.

The idea behind this project is to highlight innovative solutions to do with childhood, the environment, employment, health, energy, education, etc.


A lot of people have been supporting Christian since the beginning of the project:

- commited journalists

- editors-in-chief, partners of the event

- geeks, eager to track down social innovation

- super interns, over motivated and over inspired

- women and men, who brainstorm during hours around hundreds of post-it notes to come up with the best ideas...




« “It is thanks to the media’s power that we will get the world moving. The more we share, the more we spread! The more media coverage a solution gets, the more likely it is to be financed, supported, scaled...” Christian de Boisredon






Waar dient de collecte voor

What will be done with the money gathered?


First of all, a HUGE THANKS for your participation, big or small, your commitment means a lot to us.


What are we going to do with the 20 000 €?


Your contribution will cover expenses as follows:


10 000 € : translation of the articles in French, English and Spanish

4000 € : pictures and visuals to illustrate our articles in the 40 newspapers partners

6000 € : freelance work ordered by Sparknews’ editorial team


It would be WONDERFUL to go over this goal! Here’s what we would be able able do:


- Ensure the coordination with our media partners

- Fund a support instance to help some projects developing

- Improve our website to make it even more appealing

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Get together with the Sparknews team and journalists from major media outlets for a drink offered by Christian, the BIG BOSS. Let’s share and debate on social entrepreneurship and journalism! (+ preceding rewards)
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