Inside Oaks Project : For Environmental Education

Defend a cause through Art and support Environmental Education in South Africa. Photo exhibition planned in The OAKS Village in March 2019.

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Inside Oaks Project : For Environmental Education


Hello !

I'm Eva, i live in Corsica and i was lucky 2 years ago to volunteer in South Africa. This time i decided to take with me on this new adventure my little brother Steven as a photographer, to realise a Project dear to my heart.

Sending a message through Art...


INSIDE OAKS PROJECT : For Environmental Education

"Teaching young generation to protect their Environment, and preserve their natural heritage, offering South Africa a better future."



The Project:

Organising an Action through the Inside Out Project created by the street artist JR. (

Our Challenge:

Shooting 72 Portraits of poeple who support our cause, to expose large Posters in the heart of The OAKS Village beginning of March 2019.



The OAKS is a small village in Limpopo province (near Kruger Park), located in the extreme East-North of South Africa. I choose this village in the middle of the bush to raise awarness and involve through this artistic project directly the local population.



60% of the wild animals population, and the biodiversity of the planet has disappeared within only 40 years...

Protecting our environment and save endanged species is a worlwide matter, we are All concerned !



SUPPORT OUR PROJECT ! Because of you everything can Happen !!



I hope Art will help to spread this Message...



How will the Project unfold:

1. The first step of the project started last November, departure from Ajaccio direction South Africa with my brother, for shooting 72 Portraits of people who support our project (this trip was entirely financed personally).

2. Step two: Back to Corsica to prepare the project, sending the portraits files to the Inside Out Project team, after acceptation, printing the posters will take around 1 month, shipping between 1 and 2 weeks. Creation of a Facebook Instagram page and a Youtube channel, as well of course submit my project for the crowdfunding to KissKissBankBank !

3. Step three: I will make the button Badges and print the tote Bags by myself, and will prepare all the rewards for shipping , to thank our generous Kissbankers as quick as possible once the collect is finished.

4. Step four: Back to South Africa beginning of March 2019 to expose the portraits on a structure right in the center of the village.


Waar dient de collecte voor

Why does Inside OAKS Project needs you ?

Your Support and your Generosity will allow us to achieve the last Steps to realise our Project. Our goal is to reach 2800 Euros.

The funds collected will be used to finance:

1- 72 Posters large size (36x53 in) , each cost around 20$ including printing & shipping from JR team ,as well a part of it will be donated to the Inside Out Project Founds , to help unprivileged people make an Action and finance printing & shipping of their posters. Cost 1440$ environ 1300 Euros

2- Transport: 1 return Plane ticket Corsica / South Africa 700 Euros + 1 return Bus ticket 100 Euros, to cover the distance between Johannesburg and the Oaks Village (6h trip),  total amount: 800 Euros

3- Fees covering the purchase of the awards: Photo printing in different sizes, goodies (badges & bags), brushes, flour & sugar to make our one ecological glue for the posters, cost: 475 Euros

4- Commission fees 8% : 5% KissKissBankBank + 3% PSP = 225 Euros

This is a personal project , and i already paid the first part of it, i will collect all the funds, to permit to finance the last part.


And if the Magic is there...

and if we exceed our goal, we will use the extra funds to organise an event on the exhibition day to invit everybody to join us, that we can all share this moment together around the message the Inside Out Project is sending.



...and if we go further, with the extra money we could buy extra tote bags for each participant to thank them, and extra badges to give for free to anyone there on the exhibition day.   

...and we never know if we go even further, we could buy some School Furnitures to offer them to kids !!!

And if we reach the Stars ! We could do many more things to give more importance to this Project and carry on spreading this wonderful Message ! 

1000 THANX to YOU !!

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