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Dear friends and friends of friends hello!

First of all, a big thank you for your interest in this project! For those with whom I have not yet been able to talk about this great adventure, here are a few words about LOVE LABO and INSTANTt2020.

LOVE LABO is an experimental dance / performance company with a hybrid and raw style. It was born in 2015 and benefits from a residency at the Fondation des Etats-Unis at the Cité internationale universitaire in Paris. I am Nathalie Broizat, I am a choreographer and performance artist and I direct this company. The work of Love Labo is the fruit of my experience of 10 years in the United States, New York and Los Angeles. This work is particularly marked by my 6 years experience with the multidisciplinary American artist Rachel Rosenthal and her performance method called DbD (Doing by Doing) which I now develop in France, in my own way, in creation and pedagogy.

InstantT2020 is a piece for 10 dancers-performers. The distribution brings together artists of all ages, including famous French artists in experimental performance. They are exceptional artists and also exceptional human beings! The energy within the group is inherent in the work we do. This work is as conceptual and deep as it is joyful and generous in its form.

The artists of InstantT2020 are: Anne Rebeschini, Alexandre Bibia, Agathe Herry, Angèle Micales, Isabelle Boutrois, Fabien Dymny, Claire Besuelle, Silvia di Rienzo, Anna Gaïotti, Gianfranco Poddighe and Fabrice Ollivier at the lights and Guillaume Olmeta at the sound. We will be accompanied by Dominique Mahé for the administration.

InstantT2020 is a show-experience during which the theater space becomes a place of celebration and a refuge, where time constraints disappear. We work with principles of collages in a search for totality within the moment. The choreographic tools become a link between space, bodies, movements, costumes, props, sets, music, sounds and light. We work on topics and themes that haunt our minds and our daily lives: politics, ecology, wars, filth, chaos, but also love, banality, space, time. We have a principle: Taking yourself seriously is not serious so humor underlines our compositions.

The performance space becomes a community space in which each individual in the public can access his/her own process watching the piece, seeking meaning, digging into the self. The spectator creates his/her own experience whatever is his/her singularity and his/her point of view in life.


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The piece will be premiered at the opening of the Danse Dense Festival on March 6, 2020 and the Ardanthé Festival on March 21, 2020 in Paris. The project has been developing since 2015 and will be finalized during a 3 weeks residency starting in February in Paris. For the funding, we receive some French public funds. But, in order to receive final approval from some of this funding, we need your help! Indeed, we have to fill up a hole of 5000 € to prove to our partners that the creation will take place in the best minimum conditions for its realization ! This amount is less than half the cost of a week of rehearsal (the amount is quickly substantial even if the wages are very low. The company has to pay up to 60% of social taxes). We would be very grateful for your support. The slightest donation counts, and will be a great help to the realization of this fantastic project.

Photos by Clélia Schaeffer, Aude Arago, and Anaël Miantsoukina.

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