They are boxers, rappers, policewomen ... Kabul Women portrays a generation of women who are liberating themselves in Afghanistan.

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<p> Trailer in english : <a href="https://vimeo.com/82237744" target="_blank">Kabul Women</a></p> <p>  </p> <p> <img alt="Mosaique_copie" src="https://kkbb-production.s3.amazonaws.com/uploads/project_image/image/67940/mosaique_copie.jpg"></p> <p> <em>©Delphine Renou/Wostok Press</em></p> <p>  </p> <p> <em>Web site here : <a href="http://www.kabulwomen.com" target="_blank">www.kabulwomen.com</a></em></p> <p>  </p> <p>  </p> <p> <strong>THE PROJECT</strong></p> <p>  </p> <p> After decades of war, a new face of Afghanistan is emerging : that of a new generation of  women. They are police officers, judges, graffitist, boxers, rappers ... These women are now yearning for freedom and expression.</p> <p>  </p> <p> The web documentary Kabul Women prepares a series of portraits of modern women who are active in their country and who stand for their rights in a society both aspiring to modernity and where traditions are deeply rooted.</p> <p>  </p> <p> With the presidential elections coming and the imminent withdrawal of troops, how do they see their future ? Will these events jeoperdise their emancipation ? What are their hopes and fears ? Who are these young women trying to live more freely ? </p> <p>  </p> <p> Get on board this adventure by supporting the Kabul Women project.</p> <p>  </p> <p>  </p> <p> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------</p> <p>  </p> <p> <strong>PORTRAITS</strong></p> <p> (<em>All the words below are transcription from interviews that were conducted during the spotting in October 2013</em>).</p> <p>  </p> <p>  </p> <p> <strong>GRAFFER / EXPOSING WOMEN 'S RIGHTS</strong></p> <p>  </p> <p> <img alt="03" height="386" src="https://kkbb-production.s3.amazonaws.com/uploads/project_image/image/64947/03.jpg" width="581"><em>Shamsia Hassani - The Venue ©Delphine Renou/Wostok Press</em></p> <p>  </p> <p> Some Afghan artists created a contemporary art community called " <strong>BERANG</strong> ". They claim their rights through painting and evoke the wounds of war, as Shamsia Hassani, 25, a young graffiti artist. However, doing graffiti in the streets of Kabul is not without risk.</p> <p>  </p> <p>  "<strong>When I started doing graffiti, I wanted to fight for the rights and equality of women. I thought with the art, I could clean the wounds of war. </strong>" <em>Shamsia Hassani</em></p> <p>  </p> <p>  </p> <p>  </p> <p> <strong>DRIVER / THE ROAD TO INDEPENDENCE</strong></p> <p>  </p> <p> <img alt="06" src="https://kkbb-production.s3.amazonaws.com/uploads/project_image/image/64949/06.jpg"></p> <p> <em>Zohra, learns how to drive </em><em>©Delphine Renou/Wostok Press</em></p> <p>  </p> <p> Zohra, 21 years old, takes driving lessons at Mamozai driving school and despite the hostile looks she sometimes gets, she wishes to obtain the license in order to be more independent.  </p> <p>  </p> <p> <strong>"It is a great opportunity for women to learn to drive. I take driving lessons</strong> <strong>to be more independent, but I do not have a car because it's expensive.</strong>" <em>Zohra</em></p> <p>  </p> <p>  </p> <p>  </p> <p> <strong>POLICEWOMAN / SECURITY FOR ALL</strong></p> <p>  </p> <p> <img alt="Wos14020515" src="https://kkbb-production.s3.amazonaws.com/uploads/project_image/image/67325/WOS14020515.jpg"></p> <p> Captain Zohra Daulatzia joined the Afghan National Police<em> ©Delphine Renou/Wostok Press</em></p> <p>  </p> <p>  </p> <p> Women represent less than 1% of police forces. They are around 1,700 today , far from the 5000 that were announced by President Hamid Karzai for the end of 2014. Integrating women in the police forces is an important step for the promotion of gender equality in this country.  </p> <p>  </p> <p> <strong>"I am proud to work in the police because I can help my Afghan sisters" Zohra Daulatzia</strong></p> <p>  </p> <p>  </p> <p>  </p> <p> <strong><strong>SEE MORE PORTRAITS ON :</strong>  <a href="http://www.kabulwomen.com/" target="_blank">www.kabulwomen.com</a></strong></p> <p>  </p> <p>  </p> <p> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------</p> <p>  </p> <p>  </p> <p> <strong>WHY A WEBDOCUMENTARY ?</strong></p> <p>  </p> <p> Choosing the webdocumentary for this project is innovative because it offers the netizen the possibility to understand this generation of women through portraits, interviews with experts and historical data. Immersed in the Afghan society, one is filled by the soundscape, travels back in time with archival documents, and can also discover the feelings of men about this emancipation.  </p> <p> Interviews of older women will also be made ​​to give evidence of their life in the 60's.</p> <p>  </p> <p> Example of photo's animation</p> <p>  </p> <p> <img alt="Test_archive" src="https://kkbb-production.s3.amazonaws.com/uploads/project_image/image/67941/test_archive.jpg"></p> <p>  </p> <p> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------</p> <p>  </p> <p> <strong>WHY THIS PROJECT ?</strong></p> <p>  </p> <p> This generation is hungry for entertainment after years of austerity imposed by the "Mullah" regime, they want to be open to the world and express themselves freely. Admittedly, these modern women are still exceptions across Afghanistan, but their number is increasing and and they become gradually accepted by the society. It is important to bear witness.</p> <p>  </p> <p> <strong>Do not hesitate to contribute to this fund raising and please "share" the project so that it can develop.</strong></p> <p>  </p> <p>  </p> <p> <img alt="Test_frise" src="https://kkbb-production.s3.amazonaws.com/uploads/project_image/image/67938/test_frise.jpg"></p> <p> <em>©Delphine Renou/Wostok Press</em></p> <p>  </p> <p>  </p> <p> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------</p> <p>  </p> <p>  </p> <p> <strong>WHO ARE YOU ?</strong></p> <p>  </p> <p> We are fans of images, fans of stories and mostly fans of Afghanistan. While a photo-coverage with the French NGO in 2012, we directed a film about their actions "<a href="https://vimeo.com/62959940" target="_blank">Afghanistan, the eyes of a people"</a>.</p> <p>  </p> <p> We are two independant filmmakers and photographers. You can see our work on <a href="http://www.digitalmill.fr" target="_blank">Digital Mill</a></p> <p>  </p> <p>  </p> <p> <strong>DELPHINE RENOU</strong></p> <p>  </p> <p> <img alt="Polaroid_delphine-700" height="208" src="https://kkbb-production.s3.amazonaws.com/uploads/project_image/image/64959/Polaroid_delphine-700.jpg" width="176"></p> <p>  </p> <p> Director on Kabul Women's Project / Photographer, represented by the <a href="http://www.wostokpress.com/" target="_blank">Wostok Press</a> agency / Editor</p> <p>  </p> <p> Experienced in TV report and documentary. I decided to start photo report in 2009. After several trips to Africa, Mongolia, Asia, I now focus on Afghanistan. In 2012 during a photo coverage with an NGO, I discovered the Afghan people. As the journalist Lyse Doucet stated <strong>"Nobody goes to Afghanistan once, you always come back, or hope to. We joke that it is like a disease : Afghanitis". It's like an incurable disease and no one is looking for a cure</strong>. After shooting Habiba Sarabi, the first Afghan woman Governor of a province, today I am gazing at women who are building the future of this country.</p> <p>  </p> <p> Website : <a href="http://www.delphine-renou.com/" target="_blank">www.delphine-renou.com</a></p> <p>  </p> <p>  </p> <p> <strong>REMY DE VLIEGER </strong></p> <p>  </p> <p> <strong><img alt="Stacks_image_104" height="200" src="https://kkbb-production.s3.amazonaws.com/uploads/project_image/image/67328/stacks_image_104.jpg" width="176"></strong></p> <p>  </p> <p> DOP on Kabul Women's Project / Colorist</p> <p>  </p> <p> Remy loves image : he is a studio photographer / cinematographer and colorist for large advertising corporations / feature films / documentaries.</p> <p>  </p> <p> In 2010, he directed ​​a film on the Arctic Circle in Norway for the UpGuides agency : <a href="https://vimeo.com/62009783" target="_blank">Finnmark, 69°North</a> In 2012, he made ​​a film about the actions of NGO in <a href="https://vimeo.com/62959940" target="_blank">Afghanistan, the eyes of a people</a>. Thereafter, he directed the making of <a href="https://vimeo.com/72741038" target="_blank">Soul of coffee</a> for the photographer Reza during the celebration of the 10 years of Nespresso AAA program.</p> <p>  </p> <p>  </p> <p>  </p> <p> Webiste : <a href="http://www.remydevlieger.com/" target="_blank">www.remydevlieger.com/</a></p> <p>  </p> <p>  </p> <p>  </p>

Allocation of funds

<p> In september 2013, we launched a first fund raising campaign through KissKissBankBank in order to finance a spotting trip to Kabul, which lasted 15 days. We collected 1390€ which enabled me to establish the relation with these women, begin photographical researches and undertake the above teaser ”Kabul Women”.</p> <p>  </p> <p> Today, this project has met the interest of some producers. In order to have them aboard we first need to consolidate the relationship with the women, find some other figures and direct at least one portrait. This is why we start a new campaign.</p> <p>  </p> <p>  </p> <p> <strong><u>Expenses for 28 days (2 persons)</u> :</strong></p> <p>  </p> <p> - Accommodation : 600 €</p> <p> - Translator and fixer : 1100 €</p> <p> - Transportation: 400 €</p> <p> - Food : 400 €</p> <p> - Official Visa : 180 €</p> <p> - KissKissBankBank margin: 250 €     </p> <p>  </p> <p>  </p> <p> <strong><u>This budget does not include</u> </strong>:</p> <p>  </p> <p> - Airline Tickets : 850€ * 2 = 1700 €</p> <p> - Counterparties Costs....</p> <p>  </p> <p> The surplus, if any, will be used to help post-production costs, such as translator, sound mixing , purchasing music , archives ..... and help uswith our already incurred expenses.</p> <p>  </p> <p>  </p> <p>  </p> <p>                                             <strong> ----- We are looking for a production box ----</strong></p> <p>  </p> <p>  </p> <p>  </p> <p>  </p> <p>  </p>



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