Koh Mabby Paris - FW 2016 Collection

Support Koh Mabby to launch its FW2016 collection in store!

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Koh Mabby Paris - FW 2016 Collection


Koh Mabby is fashion brand for kids from 0 to 10 years old.

In 2010, after the birth of her son, Sokona Diallo started making kid's clothes. She created modern and chic designs with elegant graphics and spirited colours. Very quickly her creations appealed her family and friends.


In 2012, Sokona decided to launch her own fashion brand named "Koh Mabby".







Koh Mabby aims to create trendy and modern wardrobe for kids.

The brand wants to dress children in their every-days' life. Therefore it offers comfortable, functional and original clothes.




Corporate identity

Inspired by streetwear and Japanese minimalism, Koh Mabby's wardrobe is made of intergender and timeless clothes that parents and children will love to mixe with trendy garments to create their own style.


In order to offer high-quality products, Koh Mabby only works with noble fabrics such as wool, cotton, linen, cashemire. The brand takes a careful attention to details and « haute couture » finishings.


Because Koh Mabby is an ethical brand that wants to protect French know-how, it mainly works with French manufacturers.




Our customers

Our collections are made for really demanding customers about fashion. Therefore each collection is composed of high-quality products that are mixing simple designs and modern details, in order to offer a wardrobe that follows fashion trends.




Our project

By the end of 2016, we want to launch our Fall-Winter collection in stores in Paris and its region.




Visit our website : www.kohmabby.com


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Waar dient de collecte voor

The fund raising will help us to finance our Fall-Winter 2016 Collection and to launch it in store. Therefore we need :

* to buy fabrics and furnitures (3'000 €)

* to make prototypes (500 €)

* to make catalogues (1'000 €)


If we get more, we could :

* update our website (500 €)

* start production for stores (env. 2'000 €)

* open a pop-up boutique to organise private sales (2'500 €)

* hire a commercial agent to canvass stores (3'000 €)


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