Konoba - First Album

Konoba is recording his debut album and needs your help!

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Konoba - First Album

I grew up in Belgium and started playing music at an early age, taking piano, guitar and singing lessons. When I was 19, I moved to England to study Music Performance in London for a year. I then moved to Brighton to study Music Production and decided to start my solo project, Konoba. 


After 5 years in England, 3 EPs released and around 100 solo gigs performed, I decided to move back to Belgium. I was lucky to find 4 outstanding musicians who agreed to join me on stage and we just spent the last year putting together a great live show. We already performed it a number of times (Botanique, Verdur Rock, Jyva'Zik Festival,...) and are now planning a big tour in 2015. 


For the past year I've also continued to write and record new material and you can already watch the music video for the album's first single 'Penny Dropped' just below! 


I would like to make an outstanding album. One that is powerful yet very light, that is heartwarming yet makes you cry. But in order to achieve this and stand any chance against the big record labels, I need your help!


If you're interested in the project, I invite you to watch the video hereabove and learn more about me, about Konoba, and about this new album.


Let's do this, together! 



- The first single is already out, here it is: 





- Last year, I took the 10 most popular songs by Belgian artists and blended them into this madness: 





- Konoba was invited on PureFM and decided to try an experiment: 




- You can hear Konoba's latest EP 'Colours & Shapes' here: 




- Konoba performing live at Jyva'Zik Festival in Novembre 2014





If you have any comments, questions or would just like to have a chat, you can contact me directly at: raphael@konoba.be


Waar dient de collecte voor

Here is roughly how the 10.000€ budget is going to be used:



2000€ - Studios

I record all my demos at home with most of the work done already which saves me spending too much time in expensive studios. However, once the demos are well in place I will need to rent a nice studio for a few days to re-record some of the parts (drums mostly) and make sure everything sounds absolutely perfect! 


2000€ - Mixage 

Once the album has been entirely pre-mixed by myself, I will take it to an experienced mixing engineer who will help me polish and fine tune the tracks to the tiniest details.


2000€ - Manufacture

This amount will be spent on printing the CD's, Vinyls, T-Shirts, Hoodies,...


1000€ - Graphism

The wonderful artist who created the artwork for our last EP 'Colours & Shapes' will be working with us on this new album. It'll include designing the artwork for the CD, Vinyls, booklets, T-shirt, social media,.. 


1000€ - Mastering

Mastering is the very last step to getting a perfect sounding record. Hiring the services of a talented Mastering engineer is absolutely essential. 


1000€ - Music Video

We already made a music video for the first single and would like to spend this amount on making a beautiful video for the next one. Investors will be asked to choose which song they'd prefer as a second single! 


1000€ - Marketing

We'll have to spend this amount towards promotion and hiring a press officer. Someone who can push your music in front of the media.





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