L'ensemble Pérotin le Grand enregistre son premier CD

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L'ensemble Pérotin le Grand enregistre son premier CD

The Pérotin le Grand ensemble chose to dedicate its first album to the Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral, to which we are all profoundly attached.

Upon this occasion, we invite you to travel through its history: the record explores five centuries of music (XIth - XVIth), composed by the great masters of Notre-Dame (Pérotin, Antoine Brumel) or by cantors trained within the ensemble (Pierre Certon, Jean Allaire).

The cathedral’s dome has reverberated for over one thousand years thanks to this music, handed over from across the generations.


Our wish is to make this music live beyond its walls


All the singers of the Pérotin le Grand ensemble are driven by the same desire to meet and to sing the best pieces that the cathedral has taught us over the centuries.


It is with great pleasure that we undertake this project !



* A few words from the composer Raphaël Mas (born in 1984) for his piece

... À travers temps... 2020

Work in two parts for eight voices a cappella or choir 

Mentions a travel throughout various stages of the History of music, notably the one that began at Notre-Dame de Paris.

This masterpiece was composed from the Parisian antiphon Regina Mundi, as well as two versified proses sung, at times alternately, or simultaneously, thus enabling one to play with multiple codes proper to the times to which the piece alludes to. However, the notion of travelling is not limited to the question of time. This concerns an acoustic journey that can be approached by way of the text, but also through the variety of textures and colours that succeed “throughout time”.

This finally consists in telling a story and enabling each person, during his trip, to imagine his own.


Waar dient de collecte voor

What will the collect be used for


Further to the inaugural concert of the ensemble that will take place on Tuesday, September 21st 2021 at the Saint Etienne du Mont Church, Paris 5ème, Pérotin le Grand shall record its first album from October 16th to October 20th 2021. 

Our partnership with Psalmus label enables us to finance the artistic portion of the project that regroups eight singers, one director, and a sound engineer.

In order for this adventure to succeed, we need your support to finance the logistical and technical part.

** Without your contribution, our project will not be able to see the light ! **

A total amount of 16.200 € will allow us to finance:

and for only 5 days or recording

  • 9000 € for the logistics: renting the Abbaye de Sylvanès (Aveyron), the transfer of the entire team (train,….), the housing and the catering on site.
  • 3000 € remuneration of the artistic direction and of the freelance personnel for the communication, the broadcasting and the production.
  • 2000 € linked to the creation of the logo and the graphic chart
  • 1000 € relating to the ordering of the Raphaël Mas masterpiece
  • 1200 € to cover the Kisskissbankbank commission fee


Should the amount received be greater than what we need, it will be used:

  1. towards the communication for the upcoming concerts (posters, programs) 
  2.  the promotion of the ensemble

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