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Diploma project - DMA Cabinetry - Watch boxes ______ # Who am I? I am Pierrick Lemanissier. I am 21 years old and I am a student in Diploma of Arts and crafts, Arts of Habitat option decors and furniture at the Lycée du Pays d'Aunis in Charente Maritime. I am also an apprentice in the company JCD Agencement in Marans. Passionate about woodworking and seeing that I was having a blast in exceptional furniture I continued my training course studying in Diplôme des Métiers d'Arts. This year is very important for my training because I have to design and realize a piece of furniture around a theme and avenues of reflection through research and many references. To obtain my diploma, I will present my creation at the end of June in front of a jury composed of teachers and professionals. # A theme This very broad theme is a source of inspiration for creation. After appropriating myself, it allows me to develop avenues of research that lead to a concept and finally a piece of furniture or rather an object. # Heterogeneous This word is very well suited to the contrasts brought by measurement and excess, such as mixtures of materials, materials, surface work, colours, textures and eras. # Luxury watches The first clocks date from the end of the 15th century. The watch is a fashion accessory, it allows to adorn and identify oneself. Valuables such as luxury watches are individual and very personal. Their owners like to store them in boxes that embellish and sublimate them. Being the treasure of each owner, this one also seeks to protect them in strong steel chests, which is why I want to use one of the hardest woods in the world that are part of the so-called "iron" wood in order to make two chests. #Watch boxes The goal of this project is to make two boxes that allow to store watches. Without the interior being visible, the customer has to want to buy the watches that are inside without him having seen them, for this the case has to be beautiful, attractive and also arouses curiosity. The smallest box of the two has a hidden feature, only the jeweler or the owner could know the functionality this box, the object would be unique. Various research sketches on the initial form: To be related to what the box contains, the interior is richly decorated with straw marquetry and upholstered with alcantara with materials related to the watches and the Hermès brand. # Materials # Material tests and mock-ups I was inspired by the history of cabinetry for the choice of materials, such as the ebony that constitutes the body of the boxes, the wood that gave its name to our beautiful craft and the rye straw that is an alternative to traditional marquetry. # 3D and rendered views The great box set: The small box set:

Allocation of funds

The collection will be used to pay for materials such as the booth panels (about 200€) for the scenographic part (background work in preparation) to sublimate the project presented as well as the trips to meet professionals who can help me on this project (about 600€). However, if the objective is exceeded, the funds will be used to remunerate a professional photographer in order to take photos of the project in a showroom.


thank you


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Thank you for helping me contribute to this project

Estimated delivery: July 2023

a big thank you


  • 2 contributions
A thank you card + your name in the list of givers.

Estimated delivery: July 2023

An engraved wooden bookmark or straw marquetry


  • 6 contributions
A small object personalized to your image in order to always stay on the page.

Estimated delivery: September 2023

A personalised key ring


  • 5 contributions
A wooden key ring engraved on different oak, walnut and maple wood species.

Estimated delivery: July 2023

A table in small straw marquetry


  • 3 contributions
A table in straw marquetry to sublimate your interior format 20 cm by 40 cm approximately.

Estimated delivery: July 2023

A large table in straw marquetry 40cm/60cm


  • 1 contribution
A large table in straw marquetry, we will determine together what you want.

Estimated delivery: October 2023

Case for eight watches


    Large ebony box with presentation tray, natural straw inlaid exterior and orange alcantara interior

    Estimated delivery: July 2023

    Case for 2 watches


      Straw inlaid ebony case for two watches

      Estimated delivery: June 2023

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